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Monday Teeny Poll

Monday, December 29th, 2008
By Glinda


Last week (and doesn’t that seem oh so far away?) I asked if you think parents should “go without” your own trendy things in order for your kids to have them if money was tight. A full fifty percent said it sent the wrong message.

Today I want to know about your New Year’s resolutions. Or, lackthereof.

The Plastic Fantastic

Monday, December 29th, 2008
By raincoaster

Did Santa bring you what YOU wanted this year? I’m guessing that Santa brought not a few of you cheap bathrobes, whatever makeup kits the drugstore had by the till, and that old, dream-shattering standby, slipper socks. But I’m not bitter…

Meanwhile, the adorable sprogs have difficulty posing for pictures, obscured as they are behind the vast and varied mound of life-size, robotic Godzillas, body-function-focused dolls, GI Joe Dream Foxhole with sandbag accessories, and the very last four Bratz dolls in your part of the state, not that we’re counting but Sally got eight presents, seven of them from us.

Well, they say Christmas is for children, but they don’t say you can’t get a gift the whole family will enjoy. Unfortunately, they also don’t tell you where to get the $60,000 for this eye-popping extravaganza: a life-sized portrait of the happy family, in Lego from the Neiman Marcus Christmas Gift Book.

Plastic Fantastic

The item description includes the following caveat regarding your would-be blockheads: “Just make sure you have the rights to their likenesses; we’re not here to judge.” In addition to concerns about rights of publicity, the fine print notes, “LEGO and the brick configurations are trademarks of the LEGO Group. The Life-Size Replicas are not affiliated with or endorsed by the LEGO Group..” all you need now is USD $60,000 per sculpture plus shipping — and a full-time nanny to make sure that Junior doesn’t dismantle the artwork during playtime. On the other hand, the reconfigurable nature of the sculptures could come in handy in the case of a post-holiday breakup.


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