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The Hottest Gift of 2008

By raincoaster

Alas, that holiday giving has become cynical and competitive, unlike the more generous days of old, where, say, one giver would present his beautifully wrapped, carefully chosen frankincense, safe in the knowledge that Mister Giving Bars of Gold For God’s Sake Over There wasn’t going to snark about it later at the club. Because that so didn’t happen, you know it.

Still, it’s not that way any more and if you doubt it, just see how far an 8-track tape of Kenny Loggins gets you with your loved ones this season. It’s all about The Cabbage Patch Doll, The Tickle Me Elmo, The Wii, The Next Big Thing…and now, we present, The! Next! Big! Thing!

The CheetoPet!

Come on! You think Britney’s having a comeback by coincidence? It’s the Year of the Cheeto!

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