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Spooky Halloween!

By raincoaster

Grrrrrr!For some, the best thing about Halloween is the wonderful excuse it provides to go out and get your scared on and scream your face off. This is why amusement parks open on Halloween, even though the weather’s always lousy. They don’t even need to dress the carnies up! Just tell them to come straight from the meeting with the parole officer, as-is.

But some, it seems, have taken it too far. From the not-so-very-distant Nanny State comes news that this year 54% of parents are too frightened of the risks of Trick-or-Treating and will keep their children home instead.

54% of parents will ban their children from taking part in the age-old tradition, with 45% citing road safety issues and 43% highlighting antisocial behaviour as a concern. And of those who will let their children out, 89% will be accompanied by an adult with 72% saying they will only allow their children to visit friends and neighbours they know.

But, despite the fears, the same survey revealed only 3% of children have actually been involved in an accident or crime while trick or treating.

John McNamee, chief executive of CSEF, said: “It’s encouraging to see that the vast majority of children who are going trick or treating will be doing so under supervision.

“This really is key to ensuring a successful and fun Hallowe’en for children, parents and residents alike.”

While any accident is an unfortunate thing, simply having an adult along will lower the risk. I for one would never let my children Trick-or-Treat alone and besides, isn’t this one of those “golden moments of childhood” things that you’ll look back on in years to come and fondly say, “ah, remember the time you had eighteen bags of candy corn and puked in Mrs. Smith’s rhododendron bush?”

2 Responses to “Spooky Halloween!”

  1. Glinda Says:

    I can sort of believe it, but it makes me sad.

    I know a lot of people who instead of trick or treating, have a party and only go around the immediate block, or go to a larger community event.

    Not us, though!

  2. raincoaster Says:

    Yes, my Co-op is going to have one central place where the kids will pick up candy. It’s sad, though. I’d be more likely to do something about it if most of the people here weren’t immigrants: it’s sort of a good soft introduction to Halloween. And I well remember when we lived in bad neighborhoods and our parents would drive us to GOOD neighborhoods to trick or treat, just to be safe.

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