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Halloween Horrors, Indeed

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008
By Glinda

The Munchkin’s school had a Halloween event after hours yesterday, and helping out with the festivities were some young adult volunteers. And this year, it seems that slutty Halloween costumes are the “in” thing. Why am I not surprised?

One of the teens assigned to lead the Munchkin’s group around campus was dressed as a cheerleader. Fine, you say, what is wrong with a cheerleader? Well, try a micro-mini that barely covered her assets, knee high stockings, and a short, skin tight cheer sweater. Not exactly appropriate for leading a bunch of kindergarteners around. But really, when is an outfit like that appropriate for a young woman?

Answer with me, folks, “Never!”

Let’s check out some other costumes made available by some fine costume manufacturers for the young ladies in our lives. Sadly, these were not hard to find.


First we have what is billed as a “Super Girl Teen” Costume. Funny, I don’t remember Super Girl showing quite so much bare midriff.


We move on to “Veinia Adult and Teen” costume. If I had a teen daughter, she would never be allowed out of the house with the larger portion of her boobs on display. Sorry, I’m a dictator like that.


This “Pirate Teen” costume seems to have weathered quite the storm. I mean, that’s what happened to the rest of her outfit, right?


This “Moonlight Vixen Teen” costume will definitely turn heads. The wrong, er, kinds of heads. No double entendre intended. Even better, this costume is currently sold out.


Now we have the most frightening of all, the “Fallen Angel” costume listed as Child/Teen. Let’s read their lovely description: “Featuring a dress with sexy lace-up bodice…” Yes, that’s exactly the look I want for my twelve year old.

Scream-inducing, for sure.

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