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Lunchbox Security Upgrade

By raincoaster

Have you ever had this problem (well, not you, your munchkin): you go to school, obediently stow your lunchbox in your cubby, get schooled all morning and then, just when you’ve worked up a ferocious appetite doing your quadratic equation colouring exercises, you find someone has eaten your lunch?


This sweet little invention will put paid to that, as well as give your pride and joy the (always useful) reputation as a badass. Plastic sandwich bags, pre-printed with mold.

Moldy Lunchbags!

by Sherwood Forlee, via NagOnTheLake

Sadly, not yet available at your local grocery store. Meanwhile, you can make authentic moldy lunchbags from the instructions in Sandwich Bag Science!

Sandwich Bag Science

3 Responses to “Lunchbox Security Upgrade”

  1. J Says:

    I’m sad to say that I doubt this would protect lunch left in any office refrigerator….

  2. raincoaster Says:

    I am willing to test this hypothesis…just as soon as I can trick someone into giving me an office job!

  3. La BellaDonna Says:

    I don’t really know how many children have this problem, but I know it’s a problem in every office I’ve heard of!

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