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Glinda’s Parent Hack

By Glinda


Over the past few months, I have been to more kid birthday parties than I care to remember.  But one thing that has struck me is the utter and complete waste of giving children bithday cards.

Seriously, they could give a crap about cards.  Unless there is money or a gift certificate inside.  But even then, the card is tossed and the contents kept. 

So I began to ask myself, why even bother buying a card?  That’s an extra buck or two per child that I don’t need to spend, and in this economy, the extra buck or two can be quite handy to have.

And since I have my own slave labor over here, what is to stop my son from becoming a cheap, one-man card making operation?

Not a thing, my friends.  Not a thing.

Just think of the personalization! Think of the less waste! Think of the child’s pride in creating something so special for their friend!

There are no drawbacks here, people.

If we all just had our kids start making all of our birthday cards, we could change the world, I tell you! 

A revolution, if you will, one card at a time.

9 Responses to “Glinda’s Parent Hack”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    YES! I have stopped buying birthday cards for kids, too. We either make them out of construction paper or use blank note cards. I was afraid that I’d be perceived as cheap, but I think I can handle that assessment!

  2. marvel Says:

    Absolutely Glinda, my daughter has been making cards since her tiny fist could grasp a crayon! And decorating the “gift” bags we give out at her parties. Fun for her, personalized for each guest, and way cheap. 🙂

  3. Awesome Mom Says:

    We don’t do cards either. Even for a grandparent’s birthday. I think they prefer something drawn by the kids over some bad poetry. Cards are really a big scam.

  4. Sonia Says:

    Dude. I have NEVER had cards on kiddie gifts.
    Gift bags and wrapping paper seem like waste enough.

    I will gift wrap, then in huge black Sharpie write “To Billing From Zach” on it and call it good. Sometimes I’m too damn practical for my own good, I’m sure people probably talk….lol

  5. dgm Says:

    We’ve almost always done handmade cards ever since my 10 y.o. scribbled out her first hints of artwork. I think they are so much cuter! I always have cardmaking supplies on hand (including an awesome gazillion pack of blank cards in assorted colors) because we use them for thank yous, holidays, etc. The other day I was buying a card for someone because I was in a rush to get it out, and I was shocked to discover it was $3.50! That’s crazy talk.

  6. Steph Says:

    Not only do we make our own cards (most of the time), we also use a roll of easel paper as wrapping paper and then the kids color it/decorate with stickers, etc. They take great pride in it and it’s a lot cheaper.

  7. raincoaster Says:

    This IS revolutionary. Don’t worry, when the Hallmark people get you I’m sure the Manolo will send a lovely wreath to the funeral.

  8. Joan H. Says:

    I bought a box of envelopes that perfectly hold quarter-folded 8.5×11 paper. My kids make all their own cards, unless there’s an extreme time crunch. I’ll also grab clipart off the web and print something out on the color printer. I’ve also been known to cut out part of the patterns from the wrapping paper and make “matching” cards.

    I am cheap, and not ashamed to admit it.

  9. SJHC Says:

    My daughter absolutely insists on making her own cards. She loves drawing and would be highly offended if I had the gall to buy one ready-made!

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