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Sunday Caption Contest: Precedence Edition

Sunday, October 5th, 2008
By raincoaster

Didja miss me? I’ve been somewhat under the weather and actually got what are surely the strangest doctor’s orders issued so far this century: no blogging!

But that was days ago, and I am back now, tanned, rested and ready. Relax, I won’t be straining my blogging muscles through overexertion, and Glinda is here to do all the heavy lifting (just ask her!).

Meanwhile, here is our Sunday Caption contest material: a unique “welcome back to school” message. I really don’t know exactly what Miss Manners would make of this one, to say nothing of Debrett’s!

fail owned pwned pictures

Listmania! Girl’s Winter Boots

Sunday, October 5th, 2008
By Glinda

Look no further for a comprehensive list of girl’s winter boots! No need for you to slave over a hundred-plus pages of shoes, I’ve done all the hard work for you!

Some of these boots are for the snow, some for rain, and some just to keep those tootsies warm. With a few exceptions, I’ve looked for a nice combination of price, fashion, and functionality. Happy boot buying!

Kamik Kids - Stomp (Youth) (Magenta) - Footwear
Kamik Kids – Stomp (Youth) These popular bright rainboots are sure to chase any rainy-day blues away! Also comes in Infant/Toddler sizes as well.

Columbia Kids - Bugabootoo (Youth) (Swiss/Isla) - Footwear
Columbia Kids – Bugabootoo (Youth) Waterproof, insulated for temps as low as -25/F, and seam-sealed construction makes this a great shoe for cold, wet weather.

Hatley Kids - Rain Boots (Toddler) (Apple) - Footwear
Hatley Kids – Rain Boots (Toddler) Completely waterproof rubber rain boot with lots of cool prints to choose from!

Khombu Kids - Hannah (Toddler/Youth) (Black) - Footwear
Khombu Kids – Hannah (Toddler/Youth) She will love the faux fur trim, and you will love how durable these boots are!

Primigi Kids - Moon (Toddler) (Black) - Footwear
Primigi Kids – Moon(Toddler) These very cute boots are expensive, but a reviewer states that if you are in a location that uses snow boots often, they are worth the price!

Sorel Kids - Powder Storm (Toddler) (Black) - Footwear
Sorel Kids – Powder Storm (Toddler/Youth) The most highly rated of all the snow boots I found, these are some high-tech, excellent boots at a good price.

Cougar Kids - Becky (Infant/Toddler) (Grape/Lilac) - Footwear
Cougar Kids – Becky (Infant/Toddler) Great boots for infants and toddlers. Easy-on and off, as well as very good sole traction to keep them from slipping.

Cougar Kids - Velocity (Toddler/Youth) (Chocolate/Pink) - Footwear
Cougar Kids – Velocity (Toddler/Youth) Another pair of easy-on boots that are a great value, these are stylish and lightweight.

Cherie Kids - 4403 (Toddler/Youth) (Red Patent) - Footwear
Cherie Kids – 4403 (Toddler/Youth) At over three-hundred dollars, this is one set of pricey boots, especially for a kid that will grow out of them. But, they are so purty, I just had to put them up.

Richter - 61.1975 (Toddler) (Misty Rose/Lavender) - Footwear
Richter – 61.1975 (Toddler) I like these warm, waterproof boots because their deep red color is a bit different than the normal pastel colors often seen in girl’s shoes.

Khombu Kids - Oslo (Toddler/Youth) Black (Sand) - Footwear
Khombu Kids – Oslo (Toddler/Youth) Stylish winter shoes that avoid the “spaceboot” look. Lacing makes it easy to tuck in even the thickest pants.

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