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All Grown Up?

By Glinda


Ahhh, some of my fondest memories of camp were the new friends forged over endless games of “telephone” and dodgeball.  To cement the relationship, a custom-made friendship bracelet was just the ticket.  My friend would have me pick out the colors, and in a couple of days, I was the proud owner of a cute piece of jewelry that I would wear until it wore off.  Or, until the friend made me mad and I cut it off with a pair of scissors.  Whichever came first.

The Los Angeles Times is claiming that friendship bracelets are no longer the domain of pre-teens mooning over their favorite singer on the cover of Tiger Beat.  In fact, J. Crew will be featuring a $150 version in their upcoming catalogue.

Along with countless games and accoutrements that previously belonged to only young people, adults have now seen fit to horn in on friendship bracelets, too.  They are making them with semi-precious stones woven into the braid, or using expensive,fancy clasps.

Is there nothing that children can have that is their own anymore?

Are we adults so nostalgic, or so desperately seeking an infusion of youth, that we cannot leave anything in the past?

Nex thing you know, metal braces with colored rubber bands will be the next big thing among the forty year old set.  

5 Responses to “All Grown Up?”

  1. Awesome Mom Says:

    I am so not going back into braces no matter how uncool I may look.

  2. raincoaster Says:

    One word, people: manpris.

  3. Jennie Says:

    The Urban dictionary is my friend… Manpris…

  4. Margaret Says:

    i completely remember those bracelets. But I never had the knack for making them.

    I did read somewhere that there is a new (frightening) trend for them now with teens. I’ll have to go dig and see if i can find it. if so I’ll link back to it for you.

  5. dgm Says:

    My 10 year old just made a bunch of bracelets for her friends. For months she was so meticulous about getting their favorite color combinations just right, taking measurements, etc. It was cute.

    So, um, what are your three favorite colors?

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