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Style Rookie, the new kid in town | Teeny Manolo

Style Rookie, the new kid in town

Say hello to Tavi, a 12-year-old fashion blogger who is the very embodiment of superfantastic. While your common-or-garden tween angst appears to have put a temporary crimp in the blogging style, we have hope that she’ll again take to her keyboard and, with time, perhaps realize that no, Katie Holmes should not have worn black socks with those gladiator sandal heels.

Until such time as she makes a triumphant return to the blogosphere (ETA 36 hours) we can trawl the archives, enjoying such gems as: My New Best Friends

The Wild Ones

Normally I would say I want to kidnap them, but since we’re possibly the same age I shall instead befriend them. We’ll make secret clubs and eat soup we made out of tree bark and run around with mops on our heads and eat bugs. You’re extremely jealous you’re no longer 12 years old, aren’t you?

Damn straight.

3 Responses to “Style Rookie, the new kid in town”

  1. Glinda July 24, 2008 at 4:56 pm #

    I dunno about the eating bugs part. I don’t think I ate bugs in middle school.

    The rest of it sounds cool, though.

    Wait, I just looked at that site. That is either one precocious twelve year old writing that stuff, or it ain’t a twelve year old at all. I’m torn.

  2. raincoaster July 24, 2008 at 5:24 pm #

    She’s pretty darn good, isn’t she?

    As for the bugs: I have a 28-year-old friend who used to raise and sell bugs for food. There is a market for everything in this world, even mealworm lasagne.