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By raincoaster

Who doesn’t love home-made chocolate cake? And who isn’t far too lazy to do their own? (okay, that’s just me)

Five Minute Cake

But who wouldn’t take a shot at this make-in-a-mug and from-scratch and ready-in-five and otherwise-multi-hyphenated winner of a chocolate cake recipe from DizzyDee?

You need a 1000 watt microwave or an aptitude for math (to do the conversion) and one microwave-safe (there go those hyphens again and, come to think of it, the parentheses as well) mug for each serving. They want you to dump the finished cake out onto a plate, but they must have servants or dishwashers or something; I’d just eat it out of the mug with an iced tea spoon.

Bonus points: pig-shaped stencils on top with a sifting of icing sugar. I mean, anybody can make a five minute chocolate mug cake in a pig mug, but a five minute chocolate mug cake in a pig mug with sugar pigs on top? That’s gold star material.

2 Responses to “Quickies”

  1. Sunflowery Says:

    Sorry, but this cake really looks like poo. Literally.

  2. raincoaster Says:

    Well, that is why you add the sugar pigs! Nobody poops poo with sugar-frosted pigs on it!

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