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The Pros of Having an Only Child

By Glinda


It seems that fate has decreed I only have one child. It wasn’t necessarily what I would have wanted, but my body has emphatically refused to produce another.

So, I’m trying to count my blessings for the one I do have, and I put together a list of the good things about that. This list is in no way intended to offend people with more than one child, because tomorrow, I am going to deal with the down side. And trust me, there’s a down side.

1. Having lots of time and energy to give to the one child versus splitting it up between siblings.
2. Not having to negotiate who can play with what toy.
3. Only one diaper and potty training phase.
4. Only one terrible two and three phase.
5. One college tuition bill! Wheee!
6. Less use of resources. Meaning three do not consume as much water, plastic, etc…
7. One social calendar to worry about.
8. Not ever having to screech “Stop hitting your brother/sister!”
9. One set of finicky dietary demands.
10. Not having to buy a minivan.

And tomorrow, the cons…

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5 Responses to “The Pros of Having an Only Child”

  1. gamma Says:

    I would add to that:

    11: You know who cut up the photo album underneath the dining room table and flushed a handful of golf balls down the toilet.

    12: You can make the most of each milestone, knowing you’ll only do it once.

  2. Maternal Mirth Says:

    #8 is reason enough. Playing referee is a tad exhausting, esp when it’s every 10 minutes and over a half-deflated balloon.

  3. Seana Says:

    Because if you do it right, the sun rises and sets on Mom and Dad (I am an only child).

  4. Quiskaeya Says:

    Someone slap me now for what I’m about to say, sometimes I miss having only one. I suck at juggling. Don’t get me wrong I LURVE both, but it’s nice sometimes having to only cater to one.

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