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Quiz: the 1930’s Marital Scale

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008
By raincoaster

The Women

While I’ve long suspected I would not flourish in the era, it must be admitted that I love watching Thirties movies, and am slightly addicted to the bizarre hats of the period.

But it’s not a problem. I can stop wearing those hats any time. Seriously. And I’m sure the staff at Home Depot and the grocery store wishes I would.

But now comes scientific(ish) proof, once and for all, that I’d be an absolutely rotten Thirties housewife. I find solace in the fact that so would Katherine Hepburn and Myrna Loy. Oh, who wants to be that insipid martyr Mrs. Stephen Haines, when you could be the fabulously kooky Irene Bullock or the witty and wonderful Nora Charles? They’d both be fabulous failures in this quiz, too.


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!

via ArchiesArchive

So what did you get?


0-24 – Very Poor (Failure)
25-41 – Poor
42-58 – Average
59-75 – Superior
76+ – Very Superior

If it makes you feel any better, you can answer for your husband on the 1930’s Husband Quiz as well. Don’t tell him the results; it would only upset the poor darling.

Listmania! Let’s Hit the Beach!

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008
By Glinda

Ahhhh, summertime! To me, summer is synonymous with sun, sand, and water.  Or even two out of those three. Here are some things to help you enjoy whatever combination you find yourself in.

PhotobucketSunday Afternoon’s Kid’s Bucket Hat UPF 50I own this hat (in tan, no flowers over here!) and I have to say it is fabulous. The brim is very wide, and actually covers the back of the Munchkin’s neck. It is washable, crushable, lightweight, and has those all-important ventilation holes.

PhotobucketKettler Digger on Wheels Dual Action Lever Digger Yes, it’s a wee bit pricey, but this is too cool.

PhotobucketCastle Bucket Set This is a nice, basic, fairly cheap set. Great for babies and toddlers, and I guarantee that watering can will be a big hit.

PhotobucketComplete Sand & Water Beach Play Set And here we have the “on steroids” version to the one above.

PhotobucketSunny Striped Tri-fold Beach Mat A cute and roomy straw beach mat that when folded up, doubles as a tote! The price is definitely right on this one. One for me, please!

PhotobucketLarge Lighthouse Zip Top Tote Take it from someone who has lived near the beach her whole life, the right bag makes all the difference. Waterproof nylon, smaller mesh pockets inside, and a zip top are what you need.

PhotobucketRainbow Beach Umbrella with Carry Bag This giant 8 foot umbrella is a must so that everyone will fit under it! Good thing it comes with a carrying bag, because that is one big umbrella! And, due to its sheer bodacity, it is recommended that you get an anchor for it as well.

PhotobucketSanta Cruz Large Insulated Cooler Tote  Forget the bulky and difficult-to-lug from the parking lot hard sided coolers.  I like the bag ones because I can stuff more into them than the square ones.

PhotobucketMe Talk Pretty One Day  Yes, it is an old book.  But, it is perfect for beach reading with its little vignettes so that you don’t have to worry about losing the “plot,” and is truly one of the funniest books I have ever read.


A Letter Makes All the Difference

Saturday, June 21st, 2008
By raincoaster

Well, it does. Yes, a letter makes a HUGE difference, whether it’s a thank you to Grandma for her thoughtfully-selected birthday present or a letter grade on a report card (they still give those out, right? they don’t just stick a happy face sticker on your kid at the end of the year and promote him, right?) a letter is a single, subtle something whose presence or absence changes everything.

Baby WHAT?

From the EnglishFail blog

Hot Mama Tip

Saturday, June 21st, 2008
By Glinda

Oh lotion, how do I love thee!

I admit, I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with lotion. Especially scented ones, although I do have a few unscented staples that I rely on as well.

I am so obsessive that my lotion must match several criteria. One, it must fit the weather. No heavy French Vanilla on a warm summer day! No, it must be coconut or pomegranate or something equally light and frothy.

Secondly, it must NEVER clash with my perfume. I am not one of those matchy-matchy with the lotion and perfume people. I understand that layering a scent makes it last longer, but I prefer a more mix and match strategy. A scent mixologist, if you will.

Thirdly, the scent must last a reasonably long time. I mean, if it doesn’t, why did I waste my money on it? I should be able to lift my arm up to my nose a couple hours after application and still be able to smell it.

So, what are the lotions I have an undying affetion for?

Photobucket Kiehls Creme de Corps

This is a fairly heavy, very rich lotion. I don’t necessarily use it all over, but it works wonders for rough patches and dry areas such as the elbows. Unbeatable moisture.

Photobucket AmLactin Moisturizing Lotion

This is my go-to lotion. Due to the whole lotta lactic acid it contains, it softens everything up, including elbows and feet. It isn’t as heavy as the Kiehls, though. I tend to mix this with scented lotions if they don’t quite measure up in the moisturizing department.

Photobucket Bath & Body Works Pleasures Plumeria Body Lotion

I like my lotions like I like my drinks- fruity. Especially in warm weather. Plumeria is a nice scent that goes with most of my summer-weight perfumes. And who doesn’t like to pick up some Bath and Body Works lotion when it’s on sale?

Friday Caption Contest: Jada’d Celebrity Kid edition

Friday, June 20th, 2008
By raincoaster

You know what to do, so do it to Jada Pinkett-Smith and her kids Willow and Jaden.

Jada, Jaden, and Willow

Celebrity Dad Faceoff

Friday, June 20th, 2008
By Glinda

Ahhhhh Viggo, art thou unconquerable? The likes of Clive Owen, Jon Bon Jovi, Denzel Washington, and Laird Hamilton have fallen to those icy blue eyes.

Is there no one who can beat you?

Here’s model extraordinaire Tyson Beckford giving it his best shot. And really, it’s a very good shot. I mean, have you seen him without a shirt?

Photobucket vs. Photobucket

The Laughing Baby Will Haunt Your Dreams

Thursday, June 19th, 2008
By raincoaster

Here is some charming video of beautful little baby girl, laughing and having fun. Creeeeeeeeeeepy.

73,000 views! She’s a star! I’d put her in the same wholesomely twisted category as Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams, Winona Ryder as Lydia, the freaky Goth in Beetlejuice, and every female character in an Edward Gorey story.

Hey, Ho! You’re Old!*

Thursday, June 19th, 2008
By Glinda


In my heyday, my musical tastes were cutting edge. Kasey Kasem’s Top 40 never blighted my refined ears, lest I instantly become unhip due to a few bars of “Jump! (for My Love)” or “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” Both of which I viewed back then with a thinly veiled contempt. Well, I must confess that the contempt is there even now.

No, I was all about New Wave, Alternative, Punk, and Post-punk. I wore black, although it was really more for show than anything else. I didn’t have that simmering rage a lot of my friends had. I just liked the music, and if I didn’t wear the black, well then they might mistake me for someone who would enjoy listening to the songs above.

As I have aged, I have kept up with musical trends. I know the music (and in most cases even like) of bands such as Weezer, Death Cab for Cutie, the Killers, and many others. My teenaged cousin’s eyes practically popped out of her head when I mentioned I liked a song from Vanessa Carlton. What? I could see the gears churning. A person over the age of thirty knew who Vanessa Carlton was? Perhaps she would have to dump poor Vanessa off her playlist since someone such as aged as myself knew who she was.

But really, who am I kidding? The Munchkin is only five. It takes a lot of work to keep up with all this new stuff, and to be truthful, I’m getting tired. Can I really do this for about seven more years? Can I possibly still be interested in new bands after I hit forty?

I have a feeling that by the time the Munchkin is in his teens, I’ll be content to be in my rocking chair, listening to The Ramones.

*You must be familiar with the songs of The Ramones, or else you will think I am referring to myself as a ho.  Which I most assuredly am not.

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