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Friday Caption Contest Results: The Neighbors Edition

By raincoaster

Like I said, you KNOW how we feel about Elmo.

Apparently, so do the rest of you, for most of you were too intimidated to attempt to caption him, lest he wreak havoc in your life as he is about to in Liv Tyler’s. Who could blame you? The creature crawled from the pit and tickled his way to the top of the heap in Hollywood, leaving a trail of drained, lifeless bodies in his wake.

Nonetheless, four brave and talented commenters have risked it all for eternal glory and imaginary swag, and from them we have chosen a winner:

The Neighbors!

Bellamama Says:

“The Neighbors” – A Nightmare on Sesame Street!

The writing was childish and the costumes were like something out of a Saturday morning kids show! A dark comedy with too many characters, no plot, and WAY too much giggling! The only Oscar this movie will see is the Grouch!


Kudos, Kevlar, and a big thumb’s-up to Bellamama for the winning caption. And what of the imaginary swag? We’ve chosen this, the Links of London Martini charm (although with a cherry I think it’s a Manhattan charm instead, but, like, whatever). I thought about choosing the cellphone charm, so you could call for help and then thought what would I do in a situation like that, and the answer was obvious: mix a very grown-up DRINK!

Martini charm

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4 Responses to “Friday Caption Contest Results: The Neighbors Edition”

  1. Bellamama Says:

    Wow! Thanks! The charm is lovely and will look fictitiously fabulous next to the very Gin charm on my bracelet (not kidding). Now for the irony…I don’t actually drink! So, here’s to the prettiest, and only, Martini/Manhattan I’ll ever enjoy!

  2. gamma Says:

    But Bellamama, such is the charm of the imaginary charm. The real charm would look just as chic on your real bracelet as it would on raincoaster’s, even though she would accessorize hers with a suitable libation.

    And congratulations on your win, though I secretly gnash my teeth in despair.

  3. raincoaster Says:

    gamma, you were so, SO close. You deserve congratulations on giving up the crown with graciousness.

    Bellamama, perhaps you don’t drink alcohol, but I am a firm believer in the rights of all people to enjoy fabulous mixed beverages whether or not they have alcohol in them. I have even been known to order a Shirley Temple from preference, as they are indeed quite tasty. You are as entitled to enjoy your beverages in a Martini glass as any tipsy tippler.

  4. Bellamama Says:

    Very true! With that in mind, I hereby raise my virgin-strawberry-daiquiri-filled Martini glass (with a cherry on top) to gamma for being an absolute sweetheart and a brilliant poet! Love you gamma!

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