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Hot Mama Tip- Stylin’ Stila Summer Giveaway!

By Glinda


Whoo-hoo! I’m excited!

Why are you so excited, Glinda, you ask? You are dying to know, I can feel it.

I’m excited because we are having a beauty giveaway here on Teeny Manolo!

Stila is one of my very favorite brands, and for the next few weeks, we will be giving away Stila’s fantastic Lip Glaze Sticks, one winner each week. These come in the same flavors as the Lip Glazes, but are in pencil form and have lots of shimmer. Perfect for summer! And who doesn’t like free stuff?

So what do you have to do to win?

1) If you have a blog, simply link to us somewhere on your blog. Leave your link in our comment section so that we can all see it, as well as promote your blog.

2) If you don’t have a blog, well, you will have to write something really nice about us and how much you love and adore us.

Winner will be chosen by random number generator, and unfortunately, this contest is limited to people in the United States and Canada. This week’s contest will close at 12AM Pacific, July 4, 2008.

21 Responses to “Hot Mama Tip- Stylin’ Stila Summer Giveaway!”

  1. gamma Says:

    Do I love this blog? Do babies spit up on $80 silk ties? Do children misbehave in grocery stores? Do bad celebrity moms compete with hot celebrity dads for our attention? Do photographs of strange children cry out for captions weekly?

    Count me in, because yeah, I love this place!

    (all my blogs are on hiatus while I recover from two moves and a shoulder surgery.)

  2. Mary Jenkins Says:

    I do really, really love you! and i love stila! seriously, i love this blog. i think of it as a place for cool moms to go. have you looked around the mom blog world? not a lot of them are rockin’ like this!

  3. Mindy Says:

    Done! You’ve been linked for a while!

  4. Jennie Says:

    I haven’t had the time to build my own blog because I spend all of my time on the blog of the superfantastic Manolo. First I go to the main page to see if any new pearls have passed the virtual lips of the Maestro. Then I go to AYYYY! to see the latest snarks and larks by Plumcake, Raincoaster, and Spirit Fingers. Next to Teeny Manolo for the best and worst of the infantshere with Glinda. Manolo for the Big Girl guides my fatitude fantasticness (how to go wrong with Francesca, Plumcake & Twistie!) and I must peak at the Food and Men sections to see what Izzy and Mr. Henry are about. Manolo for the Brides is about more than marriage with Never the Bride (the authoress) and Twistie keeping it fun. The Home section feeds the designer in me and keeps me updated on NtB and the Beard while Basement of the Bargains saves my money so I can get more of the superfantastic shoes. So, I need the Stila to keep my lips moist and dewy while I visit the best blog on the web….

  5. Brian's Babymomma Says:

    XoXo! Hey, I reply once in a while…. That’s considered smothering in my family.

  6. Meg Says:

    I adore this blog. If for no other reason than it reminds me as I start to panic about parenting my own that a) it’s not that hard and there are good tools to do it with (Pixar for the win) and b) at least I probably won’t screw up as badly as some of the Oh, Mom/Dad, No! entries ­čÖé

    (Okay, the makeup tips help, too. I should wear some. Someday. Really. Like starting now, cause it sure ain’t happening on a regular basis after the baby’s born.)

  7. Alaina Says:

    Teeny Manolo is great for some thought-provoking ideas about parenting and finding other reasonable people who agree with your ideas. I really enjoy the polls and of course, all the product reviews. Keep it up!

  8. PaperPusher Says:

    I come here for the musings of Glinda and Raincoaster, which are always entertaining and insightful. I also love the “listmania” and the product reviews. I like the hot dads challenge, except I’m getting sick of seeing Viggo. Keep on trucking ladies.

    Oh yes, I love Stila, too!

  9. Carol Says:

    Even though my beloved Denzel was not voted “Hottest, Most Amazing Dad on the Planet”, I still come here everyday to see the musings of my internet friends. My own children are well past the age that can be considered teeny – there will be grandchildren someday (soon?) and they will need any wisdom I can accumulate.

    (And I love Stila, so I’m here for the win!!!)

  10. Stella Says:

    I don’t have a blog, but I visit Teeny Manolo and all the Manolosphere pages daily! I really enjoy Raincoaster and Glinda’s humor, love the polls and Celebrity Dad Faceoff – keep it up!

  11. mrsdarwin Says:

    Although I don’t comment much, I’m over here a few times a week. I love the polls, though I do think Clive Owen should have finally trounced Viggo in the Celeb Dad competition.

    Here’s my linkage, inspired by the posts about the pros and cons on one child.

  12. Ruth Says:

    I don’t have a blog but I LOVE, LURV, LUF this blog and all of the Manolosphere!! I need that Stila!

  13. Margaret Says:

    I DO blog, but am on an extended break. Can I still be entered?

    You guys really are one of my favorite places to stop in and visit. The weekly lists – I have many of them bookmarked for when my little one gets here. And the photo captions????? I am never clever enough but I LUV them.

    Sigh…I can’t even comment coherently anymore…thus the bloggy break.

  14. Charlotte Says:

    Oh, yes, I love this blog! I just clicked over to it about a month ago from …For the Big Girls, which I adore, and this was just as wonderful.

  15. LA Stylist Mom Says:

    How did I not know about this? Love it and my readers will too! Great name…consider yourself linked!

  16. raincoaster Says:

    And U.B. Blogrolled, yo.

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