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World’s Scariest Crossing Guard

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008
By raincoaster

Obey Uncle Karl! Obey or be assimilated!

Karl Lagerfeld, World's scariest crossing guard

It says:

It’s yellow, it’s ugly, it doesn’t go with anything, but it can save your life.

Yes, Karl Lagerfeld steps out for public safety. Unbelievable! I thought the Dark Prince of fashion was too busy cackling over the souls of the damned to give one about safety. But then, he actually does look pretty snazzy in it; must be the pussycat bow (note to self; try pussycat bow with flotation vest, MAKE it work!).

A Rocky Experience

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008
By Glinda


It is one of mom’s most dreaded scenarios.

Here you are, on an outing with your beloved child, when said beloved child gives you a chilling warning that some publicly inappropriate bodily function is imminent. Which means you have between 10 and 30 seconds to do something about it.

This happened to a mom in Orange County, California when her five year old screeched “Diarrhea!” while in a shopping center.

Lady, I feel your pain. We’ve all been there.

But when she ducked into a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and asked to use their restroom, she was denied access.

Unfortunately, the store didn’t have a public restroom, and the employees balked, obeying rules given to them by their mangers about not allowing the public to use the store restroom. The child was unable to reach another restroom in time, and to make a long story short, some clothes had to be thrown into the trash.

It seems the mother of the child posted a comment about the experience on a popular consumer website, and it ignited a firestorm of controversy, including death threats to the owner of the store.

The nerve of them, you might say. A poor child in intestinal distress being denied the use of a bathroom!

But, Glinda says hold on a minute.

As a mother, you cannot always count on the presence of a restroom located in your immediate vicinity. In fact, you should probably count on not having a safe place in which to take your child who is producing unwanted bodily fluids.

The public was not supposed to be alllowed into that particular restroom because of a hallway which contained various supplies that could fall or whatnot. And in this country, it would not surprise anyone to hear of someone suing the company if indeed someone had been injured. If that would suprise you, raise your hand. That’s what I thought.

Other public restrooms were nearby, but the mother complained that they were given no suggestions by the staff as to who had one.

So, a little girl unfortunately had an accident. She and her mother were most likely embarassed, but in the end, that is about the extent of it. She is not the first child to have that happen, and she most certainly is not the last.

Do you think the store should have let her use their non-public restroom and risk possible suing/injury in the name of compassion, or is the mother making a big fuss over something that in the grand scheme of things, is rather insignificant?

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