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By Glinda

Oh lotion, how do I love thee!

I admit, I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with lotion. Especially scented ones, although I do have a few unscented staples that I rely on as well.

I am so obsessive that my lotion must match several criteria. One, it must fit the weather. No heavy French Vanilla on a warm summer day! No, it must be coconut or pomegranate or something equally light and frothy.

Secondly, it must NEVER clash with my perfume. I am not one of those matchy-matchy with the lotion and perfume people. I understand that layering a scent makes it last longer, but I prefer a more mix and match strategy. A scent mixologist, if you will.

Thirdly, the scent must last a reasonably long time. I mean, if it doesn’t, why did I waste my money on it? I should be able to lift my arm up to my nose a couple hours after application and still be able to smell it.

So, what are the lotions I have an undying affetion for?

Photobucket Kiehls Creme de Corps

This is a fairly heavy, very rich lotion. I don’t necessarily use it all over, but it works wonders for rough patches and dry areas such as the elbows. Unbeatable moisture.

Photobucket AmLactin Moisturizing Lotion

This is my go-to lotion. Due to the whole lotta lactic acid it contains, it softens everything up, including elbows and feet. It isn’t as heavy as the Kiehls, though. I tend to mix this with scented lotions if they don’t quite measure up in the moisturizing department.

Photobucket Bath & Body Works Pleasures Plumeria Body Lotion

I like my lotions like I like my drinks- fruity. Especially in warm weather. Plumeria is a nice scent that goes with most of my summer-weight perfumes. And who doesn’t like to pick up some Bath and Body Works lotion when it’s on sale?

4 Responses to “Hot Mama Tip”

  1. Awesome Mom Says:

    One of my favorites B and B honeysuckle which is discontinued but they bring it back now and then and I stock up. Another favorite scent is lavender. I heart lavender in a big way. I have a lot of scented lotions in my bathroom and I am trying to use them up so I can get some more.

  2. Heidi Says:

    I like unscented lotion, but only because they all the scents seem to clash with my perfume. I will have to check out these lotions.

  3. raincoaster Says:

    If you get an unscented lotion, you can add a sample-size vial of your favorite perfume to it. It’s a lot cheaper than spending $45 on some nice Chanel lotion, since you can often pick up the samples when you buy your fragrance in the first place.

  4. Pencils Says:

    The best body lotion I have ever used is Mama Mio’s Super Rich body cream.

    The stuff is amazing! It’s designed for pregnant women, who have drier skin (supposedly.) I started using it when I got pregnant last winter, and my winter-dry skin was unbelievably soft and smooth and even lustrous. It’s heavy but not greasy, it sinks into your skin quickly, and it has a light scent that I really like, and I’m really picky about my scents. I’m still pregnant but I don’t need it in the summer, but I’ll be using it again next winter. BTW, all their products that I’ve tried are great, I’m seven months pregnant and I don’t have a single stretch mark yet, which I attribute to using their tummy oil every day. And I tend towards stretch marks!

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