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Friday Caption Contest: Jada’d Celebrity Kid edition

By raincoaster

You know what to do, so do it to Jada Pinkett-Smith and her kids Willow and Jaden.

Jada, Jaden, and Willow

6 Responses to “Friday Caption Contest: Jada’d Celebrity Kid edition”

  1. gamma Says:

    Jada: You are NOT telling me that Viggo is a hotter Celebrity Dad than my Will!
    Willow: Viggo is super hot.
    Jaden: Willow, you idiot.

  2. Liz Says:

    Wow, kids. That was some pretty strong weed, eh?

    (totally inappropriate I know, but you have to admit that they look a bit stoned in this photo)

  3. Bellamama Says:

    “Stop taking pictures of my kids!…that I brought to a red carpet event…dressed to attract attention…”

  4. gemdiva Says:

    OK, OK, you got your pictures. Now let’s get one thing very clear…………. one nasty, snarky word about my kids in print and you’ll wish your Mamas & Daddys had never met.

  5. raincoaster Says:

    Not a caption, but this picture reminds me to do that post on kidswear for the red carpet. Not universally applicable, I know, but still, LOOK at this picture. A strapless satin cocktail dress with leopard print accessories and the kids are in tees and jeans? There IS such a thing as kids formal wear and by gum, I intend to advocate it on formal occasions. If some day some kid shows up at my funeral in cutoffs, I swear I will rise up and go after them myself.

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