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Celebrity Dad Faceoff

By Glinda

Viggo Mortensen managed to eke out a victory over Clive Owen by a mere three percent of the popular vote.  Clive almost managed to win, despite scandalous accusations that I was trying to fix the competition.  Ah Clive, I shall miss those lovely green eyes of yours…

This week we tread a path not yet chosen here on Celebrity Dad Faceoff, although you had to know it was coming.  Yes, that’s right, we’ve got a non-actor this week.  Well, actually, I think this rocker has made a few cameos here and there in movies and whatnot, but his main calling is music.  I have never really thought this week’s challenger was all that hot, but I know that there are many, many who will disagree with me.  It must be a Jersey boy thing. 

So, on with the show…

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35 Responses to “Celebrity Dad Faceoff”

  1. class-factotum Says:

    I thought you were supposed to be getting to better-looking men at each level. What happened? Neither of these guys is appealing.

  2. raincoaster Says:

    Oh, the Jersey Mullet King is going down! Although actually, he’s not a bad actor.

  3. Glinda Says:

    You know what, Bon Jovi is considered pretty hot by a lot of people. Now the hottest of the hot, I’m not sure. And damn, it was hard fiding a good picture of him that wasn’t “staged.”

  4. SomebodyAnonymous Says:

    Viggo by a mile! And class-factotum, you seriously need an eye exam!

  5. raincoaster Says:

    The Viggosphere has been awoken! Blood will be shed this day.

  6. Glinda Says:

    Seriously, I am more than open to suggestions for future contestants! I can’t promise I will use them, but ideas are welcome!

  7. PaperPusher Says:

    How about Pierce Brosnan?

    Or Paul Newman in his younger days. Although that’s probably stretching the rules a bit.

    Tom Brady!

  8. PaperPusher Says:

    How about that guy in E.R., who was also in one of Madonna’s video….gawd I can’t remember his name.

    Johnny Depp?

  9. Glinda Says:

    The blood, it is running in the streets.

    This just might be the worst showing ever for a challenger.

  10. Glinda Says:

    Oh, and PaperPusher, thanks for the suggestions! However, I have been saving Johhny Depp for fear that he will beat anybody I put up against him.

  11. Jennie Says:

    And let’s not forget Brad Pitt….

  12. Annalucia Says:

    Has the Sean Connery entered the lists yet?

  13. Seana Says:

    How about Ben Browder? Slightly obscure, but if the Farscapians have their eyes open, he will definately put up a fight. You might also know him from Memphis Belle and Party of Five.

  14. raincoaster Says:

    Ginger: Sean Bean.

    Tall, dark and handsome: Ben Affleck. Patrick Dempsey. Gabriel Byrne (swoon).

    Short, dark and handsome: George Stephanopoulos.

    Blond: LAIRD HAMILTON! (double swoon and multiple O’s)

  15. Jennie Says:

    Will Smith

  16. dgm Says:

    Bon Jovi never stood a chance. If you put Johnny Depp up there, I can’t imagine who might top him. Maybe I’m partial to surfers, but I second raincoaster’s suggestion for Laird Hamilton, and if Kelly Slater were a daddy, I’ll throw him in, too. What about Jack Johnson? Dave Grohl (not traditionally hot, but he’s got somethin’).

  17. raincoaster Says:

    Will Smith already went down, didn’t he? It’s the sticky-outy ears.

  18. galadrium Says:

    Hey! I’m standing up for Jon here! Since none of you are interested, you can certainly send him my way for a little comfort!

  19. raincoaster Says:

    I shall certainly do so and may even remember to poke air holes in the cardboard box.

    This got posted to Viggo-Works, and there just aren’t enough Jon Bon Jovi fans in the world to hold off that onslaught.

  20. gamma Says:

    George Clooney. Antonio Banderas. Hugh Grant. Jason Taylor. Harrison Ford. Brendan Fraser. Hugh Laurie.

    Or maybe adapt the criteria. Clark Gable as Rhett Butler vs Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. Cary Grant as (pick one. any one.) vs Cary Elwes as Westley. Paul Newman as Butch Cassidy vs Robert Redford as The Sundance Kid. Don’t let chronology get in your way.

    But so far, I’m sticking with Hugh Jackman.

  21. raincoaster Says:

    George Clooney and Hugh Grant at least are not dads, at least, not that we or they know of. And of those fictional characters, only Rhett Butler was a dad, and he was an awful one. But it’s up to Glinda.

  22. Phyllis Says:

    How about Tiger Woods, Tedy Bruschi or Jason Taylor?

  23. raincoaster Says:

    Laird Hamilton, I’m telling you. You may not have heard of him, but you won’t forget him:

  24. raincoaster Says:

    Laird Hamilton, with wife Gabrielle Reece and baby, baby!

  25. Jennie Says:

    Unfortunately Adrian Paul is not a father, but would he qualify if he became my sugar daddy?

  26. Jennie Says:

    Tyson Beckford (has a son) or Adrian Paul…

  27. Eilish Says:

    Did we vote on Ryan Philipe yet? He’s a little baby-faced for me, but still very good looking. Also, I second Brenden Frasier, Laird Hamilton (yowzers!) and Antonio Banderas. And Gabriel Byrne, oh, Gabriel Byrne……

  28. twinkle Says:

    A suggestion .Why don’t let the big names come up?
    Maybe someone like Depp or Brad Pitt would be a challenge.
    If someone is unbeaten for a couple of weeks put him in your hall of fame for hot celeb dads or so and start over with fresh contestants.

  29. raincoaster Says:

    Or everybody who wins three weeks in a row moves into the playoffs?

  30. gamma Says:

    Brad Paisley (I checked on his dad cred).

    But still. Hugh Jackman.

  31. raincoaster Says:

    Is is ackman all that big, though?

    391 votes. What did I tell you about the Viggosphere?

  32. Bellamama Says:

    Has Matt Damon gone up yet?

  33. raincoaster Says:

    Nope, but at the moment he looks almost exactly like Ned Flanders for some role.

  34. Bellamama Says:

    Oh. Yuck.

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