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Lazy Parenting Awards: Part Six

By Glinda

Don’t let this be you!

But in keeping with my French numbering, just pronounce it “seees,” ok?

For this special edition of the Lazy Parenting AwardsTM we just might have what I would call the Grand Prize Winner.

Forget about not hiring a babysitter and taking your kids to an inappropriate movie.

That is totally tame stuff compared to this lady.

How’s about taking your kids with you on your latest drug deal?

That’s right, Enedina Rodriguez was arrested when:

Investigators followed Rodriguez and saw her repeatedly make deals with her 3- and 6-year-old boys in tow. In one surveillance video, Rodriguez is seen selling heroin as her two youngest boys lean out of the window of her black Isuzu SUV.

The youngest boy tells one customer his name and holds up three fingers to show his age at his mother’s prompting, then watches as his mother hands over a bag of heroin in exchange for cash, LeBaron said.

It says a lot when you make the Mary Louise Parker character on Weeds look like a freaking saint.

3 Responses to “Lazy Parenting Awards: Part Six”

  1. raincoaster Says:

    Seriously, if you’re dealing smack and STILL not making enough to pay a babysitter, you should find some other line of work.

  2. Jennie Says:

    This just shows that “Take Your Kids to Work Day” is not always a great idea.

  3. Ruth Says:

    Hey, at least she kept her kids with her, unlike these parents:

    Who left their kids in a car for over an hour while they went into a casino to gamble.

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