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Celebrity Dad Faceoff

By Glinda

The ante.

It must be upped.

Bourdain got his butt kicked, losing with only thirty percent of the vote.

So, I bring to you a man who has played a half-elf and a Russian gangster. And who looked good doing both.

Gentlemen, if you please…

Photobucket vs. Photobucket

10 Responses to “Celebrity Dad Faceoff”

  1. Carol Says:

    Finally you give me an easy choice! Not crazy about Viggo. Crazy to all get out about Denzel…

  2. Maternal Mirth Says:

    Ok, you need some rock stars … I like me some rock stars.

  3. cheeky Says:

    I never agree with the majority.

  4. Seana Says:

    I am all about the Denzel, but I’m afraid he’s going down this week. It’s a shame because Viggo does nothing for me.

  5. Phyllis Says:

    To this day I wonder why Exene would let him get away… *sigh*

  6. Mindy Says:

    It’s sad that I know what movies Viggo is naked in, like I knew where to find Daniel Craig in the buff. This probably says something somewhat unsavory about my character.

  7. raincoaster Says:

    If you rent Crimson Tide you can see them both at the same time! Denzel and Viggo, that is. But neither of them get naked, alas.

  8. Dazie Says:

    I saw Viggo in the Cincinnati airport last summer. Just walking off a POS puddle jumper like the one I was getting ready to get on. I couldn’t believe it, and nobody else sitting near me noticed, but it was him, looking fine. *swoon*

  9. Twistie Says:

    You. Bitch.

    Don’t you know it’s my dream that Denzel and Viggo should get gay married and make pretty bi-racial butt babies together?!


  10. raincoaster Says:

    I think that is EVERY woman’s dream.

    BTW Viggo is an awesome dad and adores kids. If you’re at a poetry reading of his (and the poetry is DAMN good) and want to draw his attention, don’t stuff your bra, just bring a toddler.

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