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Texas Prom Dress Debacle

By Glinda

Seventeen year old Marche Taylor from Texas found herself handcuffed and led away by police instead of attending her senior prom.


Prom chaperones said her dress violated the dress code, and told her to leave.  She disagreed, apparently an argument ensued, and eventually the police arrived.

The video below is a news clip from a Houston station covering the story.

What say you? Was the dress too much? Should the school have offered her some sort of compromise, which she claims they did not? 

8 Responses to “Texas Prom Dress Debacle”

  1. Maternal Mirth Says:

    The dress was too, too much … yes. But an alternative should have been offered if it truly was not offered. I have a hard time believing a girl who wore *that* to prom.

  2. raincoaster Says:

    I just covered this on AYYYY. I called it “Busted!”

    Compromise? Yes, “Go home and change.”

    The thing is, you can dress any way you want. But you can’t go everywhere you want in any kind of outfit.

    Mind you, she probably made fifty bucks from the cab driver on the way to the prom.

  3. gemdiva Says:

    The saddest thing to me is that this is not the only case like this that I have seen. A friend of mine who is a high school teacher has sent me numerous photos of what some girls think is “appropriate” Prom attire. The worst part is, most of them were allowed into their Proms. Kudos to the Texas High School for taking a stand and sending her home!

  4. Awesome Mom Says:

    That is not a dress, that is a few scraps of fabric! Her parents should ashamed that they let their daughter leave the house dressed like that.

  5. Mrs. Hall Says:

    It is saddest of all that this young girl has to dress herself like a hooker to feel good.

    I hope she finds more worth in who she is than what she dresses like. But, that is unlikely for now given the way she is vehemently defending that dress.

  6. Jennie Says:

    I’m sure she was told to go home and change. The alternative to leave or go to jail was not given until she got loud and hostile about getting her money back. She was going to Prom not out with the Hollywood skank league. She needs to wake up, grow up, and cover up. Right now, her future looks pretty low.

  7. Margaret Says:

    dress was WAY over the top.

    I am so 100% sure she was given a choice of going home and changing. I am sure she got very vocal and loud because she wanted to look like that.

    For the record, my child will NEVER even think about wearing that (or if I have a boy – ever think about dating someone wearing that).


    Where was that girl’s mother??

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