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Monday Teeny Poll

By Glinda


In last week’s poll, I asked “how old is too old for a man to father a child?”  The largest vote-getter was anything over fifty.  Thirty percent said over sixty.  There were also some very interesting and heartfelt comments, and I continally marvel at our readers’ eloquence and honesty. But what else should I expect from the superfantastic fans of the Manolosphere?

Buttering up aside, this weekend I was thinking about all the stuff there is for kids. And I’m not necessarily talking about things to buy, although there certainly is that. Malls have play areas, there are gyms especially for kids, seemingly billions of different camps and classes, DVD players built into cars, and practically every restaurant has a kid’s menu.

I don’t remember any of that growing up.

4 Responses to “Monday Teeny Poll”

  1. marvel Says:

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    I’m all for having lots of fun things for the little tyke to do, so having lots of options available is a good thing. But it’s important to strike a balance between organized fun and free-form play; I think kids learn more from the free-form style than scheduled activities. Also I think too many parents get caught up in the “keep-up-with-the-Jones” mentality, of thinking that the more money you spend the better a parent you are. Which is ridiculous, because what kids need is time, not expense, and a half hour spent with Mommy in the kitchen pouring tap water into various measuring cups is just as good as a half-hour at a summer “science” camp for a toddler. Probably better.

  2. Eilish Says:

    I have similar feelings to marvel. While outwardly there seem to be many kid-centric activities and events, actual family-friendliness seems to be waning. It seems like many of these types of activities serve to parcel out family members to individual interests instead of fostering the sense of family that was the launching pad for my own childhood identity.

    Most of my time was spent with my family, either with mom or dad or both in some family activity like cooking, camping or gardening; or just with my brothers and sisters playing in our backyard or neighborhood. We never had classes except for school and the only extra-curricular activities were sports (one per year per kid) and church activities (every Wednesday evening and the whole family went). When I think about it, except for Wednesday nights, we were almost always at home, and we ate dinner together with rare exception. I guess when I think of kid-friendly, I really think family-friendly, since that is my association; and there seems to be less family-friendliness. I hope that makes sense.

  3. raincoaster Says:

    I think having a kid just makes you more sensitive to these things. There have always been summer camps, etc. And I resist the kidcentric choices of public spaces, precisely because it’s like segregation by pandering. A playground is great, and a playground with a bocce pit next door where they old men gather and gossip is even better. The generations have to learn to mingle or we’re going to end up with an unbearably precious generation of twits on one hand and on the other a bunch of superfit retirees yelling “Get offa my lawn” and beating slow, fat kids up.

  4. Never teh Bride Says:

    I think you can be focused on the family without having to fill your life with KIDSTUFF. Growing up, there were family mealtimes and family outings and (barf) family vacations, but it’s not like I was dragged from tutoring to sports to paper folding classes and then allowed to watch a DVD in the backseat on the ride home. I (and my siblings) had to amuse ourselves and spend time with older people being well behaved.

    I had to eat what the grownups were eating, too.

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