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They’d Better Put Up My “Wanted” Poster

By Glinda



The very lengthily named and greatly in need of an acronym Los Angeles County Inter-Agency Council on Child Abuse and Neglect wants to tell you not to co-sleep.  In fact, not only do they want to tell you not to co-sleep, they want to let you know that “…if you take the baby to bed with you and fall asleep, you are committing a potentially lethal act.”

Well, if that is so, then I am a wanted woman.

Co-sleeping was the only thing that helped my family maintain our tenuous grip on sanity.  If we hadn’t co-slept, my husband and I would have been desperately re-thinking the entire pro-creating thing.  Well, we did that quite a few times, but it would have definitely been more often.

In fact, I truly believe that it helped my son sleep better than he ever would have by himself in his crib.  His crib was used, but not often. I had read this book by Dr. Sears prior to having the Munchkin, and it changed my entire outlook on parenting, including that of co-sleeping.

But anyhoo, back to some quasi-governmental agency trying to tell me what is best for my child.  They quoted a study which stated “…that nearly half of 119 infants who died suddenly and unexpectedly during a four-year period in the St. Louis area did so while sleeping with someone else.”

Well, I’d like to know the number of infants who died while sleeping alone, which is left out of the equation.

I believe that there are indeed situations where co-sleeping would be unsafe, such as if one or both parents was taking a drug of any sort that produced drowsiness. And after drinking alcohol? Definitely not. A crowded bed with other siblings might also not be safe.

Unsafe situations aside, I happen to think it is a highly personal choice. I also happen to be pro co-sleeping. What about you?

11 Responses to “They’d Better Put Up My “Wanted” Poster”

  1. bobbie-sue Says:

    You’re wrong 🙂 Sorry Glinda, but the rest of them didn’t necessarily die *while sleeping*. That doesn’t necessarily mean that co-sleeping is bad, though. 119 is a very small sample size. And it’s also possible that 50,000 babies co-slept safely and only 10,000 slept alone. That’s a terrible use of statistics. Unless there’s more info provided, I would chalk that up as inconclusive.

  2. Glinda Says:

    bobbie-sue- You’re right! I was totally wrong! I went back and read the article and edited to reflect.

    I really should stop writing things so late at night. Then I might have some better reading comprehension!

  3. Jennie Says:

    I watched one of those HBO specials with Dr. Michael Baden the forensic specialist. A woman had lost two children to “SIDS” She was desperate to have another child but couldn’t bear to have another one die so she asked Dr. Baden to do an autopsy on the children. He found in both instances that the children had died of suffocation. Both tots were sleeping with mom when they died. I have co-slept with my nephews and nieces but we require certain safety procedures. There has to be a big barrier/lump/bump between the babe and adult to prevent accidental rollovers. My sister (the er nurse) prefers us to pull the basinet next to the bed and sleep with a hand on the baby instead of in the same bed. New moms can be so exhausted that they sleep too soundly. Once the child is two there isn’t a problem.

  4. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    I don’t think I’d dare co-sleep. I’m an absurdly sound sleeper. I like to think that some inner sense would prevent me from blithely rolling over onto my child, but I don’t completely trust myself not to.

  5. Bellamama Says:

    I have to admit I did a little co-sleeping when mine was smaller. Not all night, though. He loved his crib until the sun came up and then he always needed to be held. During the summer months the sun came up at five! I would bring him in with me for the last hour or two of sleep. I always felt pretty safe with him in with me, but I don’t roll and it was only for a little while.

    I always swore I wouldn’t do it, it sounds so dangerous, but now it’s such a sweet memory. He only did it for about four months and would never do it now! He likes his space when he sleeps and adores his crib! I think it depends on the situation and the baby.

  6. Laura K Says:

    I have five children – all breastfed and all co-slept. As a young mom I was concerned about “Rolling over and smothering” my baby. My doctor laughed. He explained to me, “You are sleeping but you are not unconscious. Do you ever roll OUT of bed? No – you don’t because although you are sleeping, your brain is still functioning and has an awareness of where you are.”

    That was very reassuring to me and made perfect sense.

  7. Jenny Says:

    We’ve co-slept with both of ours, and for us it was essential to anyone getting any shuteye at. all. Used a “sidecar” co-sleeper when they were very small, for safety’s sake — they transitioned to the crib after that, but even now generally spend part of the night cuddling with mom and dad.

  8. Eilish Says:

    I think this is absolutely no one’s business except families. Why does the government even feel the need to offer their opinion? Isn’t this family business? If there is a concern, ask your pediatrician! He or she certainly knows more about you and your family than the LA County Certified Busybody Association.

    My son didn’t co-sleep at night; he prefered to be swaddled in his cradle or crib. I did take naps with him in the bed and never worried about rolling over on him. He was pretty loud and plenty vocal when he was unhappy. I actually tried to put him in bed with us when he was tiny because I thought it would be nice. He would have none of it. My point is: for us it wasn’t the thing, for some it is. As a parent, you know more about your child than any well-intentioned government agency.

  9. Mindy Says:

    My youngest daughter had a freak entrapment accident in our crib when she was only a few days old. She’s okay now, but I can’t bring myself to put her back in a crib just yet. I’ve been using a Moses basket when she naps, but we co-sleep at night. When we did the “safe” thing, she got hurt. Doing the “dangerous” thing, she’s doing great.

  10. Elizabeth Says:

    We co-slept with both our daughters, which saved my sanity for sure – it made nursing so much easier and also made it so I could sleep at all – with my first i was so nervous that i would just lie awake wondering if she was ok in the bassinet, etc. We used a firm pad between my husband and me with “bumpers” on either side of it. We also put a side rail on my side of the bed once they got bigger and could sleep between me and the side rail. You just have to be careful not to have big fluffy pillows and comforters over the baby (I wore flannel pajamas to keep warm.) As for the mom who lost two kids to SIDS and they had both suffocated, i believe that is the cause of death of all SIDS babies – they stop breathing – regardless of whether they are sleeping alone or not. Most babies in most human societies sleep with their mothers. Only in ours would we criminalize it.

  11. Nariya Says:

    Forgive me if I’m getting this wrong, but they’re saying that “nearly half of babies who died while sleeping did so while co-sleeping”. Doesn’t that imply that “more than half of babies who died while sleeping did so while sleeping alone”? I’m pretty sure that those results don’t really imply a cause-and-effect situation. The small sample size is not helping their case. There are a lot of other safety issues that need to be considered, I think!

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