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Meat Eater!

Saturday, April 26th, 2008
By raincoaster

Twenty million people have seen this and not one of them will ever let the older brother live this down.

I don’t know who this voracious, trap-jawed evil genius “Charlie” is, but I like his style. His brother, on the other hand, obviously got his brains from the other side of the family.

via Neatorama

Hot Mama Tip

Saturday, April 26th, 2008
By Glinda

Even if you don’t wear makeup, nail polish, or anything else, there is one thing you must take care of, and that is your hair. Amy Winehouse hair is not acceptable for anyone except maybe Amy Winehouse and most of the time, not even then.

Everyone notices good hair, and they notice bad hair even more. And while I am past that teenage stage of looking in the mirror and brushing my hair every fifteen minutes, a good strategic brushing can do wonders.

Look for brushes that are easy to handle, have soft cushioning for the bristles, and when buying a brush with plastic bristles, look for rounded tips that are molded, not glued on. Choose the right brush based on your hair type and the purpose you are using it for.

 PhotobucketMason Pearson brushes are the Rolls-Royces of the brush world. Handcrafted in England using only the finest wood and boar bristles, a Mason Pearson brush can easily last a lifetime. That is a good thing, because that quality will cost you a pretty penny. Boar bristles are a big deal because they are very gentle on your hair, and breakage is kept to a minimum.

But luckily, great brushes can be found at all price levels, and here are a few standouts.
This ionic brush from Vidal Sassoon is a good all-around styling brush, and is great for heat styling.
PhotobucketThis oval brush from Phillips has gotten rave reviews for being able to brush hair thoroughly, yet still be gentle on the strands.
PhotobucketAnd last but not least comes this brush from beauty maven Sonia Kashuk, who has an eponymous line of products at Target. It uses nylon bristles, and has been compared favorably as a quality knockoff of the Mason Pearson brush featured above. Supposedly this brush is almost as good, for a fraction of the price.

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