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The Plastic Surgery Fairy to the Rescue!

By Glinda

My Beautiful Mommy illustrations

I offer you the above illustrations from the new modern fairy tale “My Beautiful Mommy.”*

It’s the heartwarming story of a sad Mommy who thinks she isn’t good enough the way she is. Why, she’ll never be crowned Mrs. MILF America if her tummy is so flabby and her boobs so droopy!  So in comes the big, buff Plastic Surgery Fairy to make Mommy all better. 

But, Mommy and the Plastic Surgery Fairy want to make sure that the little girl knows that Mommy coming home all bruised, bandaged, and unable to move doesn’t mean that she got hurt!  Oh no!  It just means that Mommy got prettier!

This book is a must-read for all Mommies who care about their impressionable young kids!

*Currently being sold at all finer plastic surgery offices nationwide.  Pick up your copy today!

7 Responses to “The Plastic Surgery Fairy to the Rescue!”

  1. Maternal Mirth Says:

    Really? Um, wow, loss for words.

  2. Merry Says:

    If all mothers could see themselves through their children’s eyes, I doubt they would need this book.

  3. french Says:

    I… I…

    My brain refuses to admit that this exists. Or that people feel a need for it. Jesus Christ.

  4. Nony Mouse Says:

    Let’s see, she’s wearing bare-midriff fashions, but thinks she needs a tummy-tuck? Serious help is needed, either clothing or psychology.

  5. raincoaster Says:

    This has a big market: kids who play Miss Bimbo online all day are primed and ready!

  6. Jennie Says:

    They did this article on our local talk radio show this afternoon. Kids say the darndess things! One mother called in and told about her breast lift/augmentation. Several months after her procedure, she found out that she was pregnant. She then told her young son that he was about to get a little sister. His response was “Well she better not mess up your new boob job!”

  7. Joe in Atl Says:

    Idea for a new drug: Something that will make your boobs look like you are about two months pregnant. Only without the milk, general cravings and related weight gain, and baby dropping out later on. That would be way better than plastic surgery.

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