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Damn Those Celebrity Moms!

By Glinda

It isn’t the makeup artists to create a flawless complexion…

Reese Witherspoon

Or the fabulous dresses… Well in this case the, uh, supposed access to fabulous dresses whether taken advantage of or not…

Uma Thurman Oscars

Or the beautiful updos and bling…

Rachel Weisz

Not the unlimited snack runs…

Britney loves her some snacks!

It isn’t the perfectly toned bodies right after childbirth…

Heidi Klum Victoria’s Secret Show

It isn’t even all the money they spend for the plastic surgeries to get the bodies…

Pam Anderson and her money bags

No, it is none of that.

Do you realize that none of the children of any of these women were around when these pictures were taken?

It’s the babysitting I want, my friends. 

They can have all the rest, but I want the babysitting.  If I was able to ditch my kid as often as they do, I’d have a big smile on my face too!

7 Responses to “Damn Those Celebrity Moms!”

  1. Awesome Mom Says:

    Yeah it sure would be nice to have the access to babysitting that the celebs seem to have.

  2. Ana Says:

    hehe! Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone at your beck ‘n call to drop the kids off too.

  3. Ana Says:

    hehe! Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone at your beck ‘n call to drop the kids too. Oh what money can buy….

  4. raincoaster Says:

    It’s not babysitting, though. In most of these cases, it’s Joint Custody.

  5. Never teh Bride Says:

    Some people’s answer to this dilemma is “have more children.” Not that I recommend that, but as the oldest of too, too, too many siblings, I know that my father enjoyed plenty of time away from the kids….because I was providing the free labor.

  6. Joan H. Says:

    Oh, darn, Never teh Bride — I was just about to be all gleeful about how my oldest will be old enough to stay home with his siblings in a couple/few years… and now I feel like I need to tone down the glee. Hey, I will have had them for 13, 14 years by then, isn’t that enough?

    It’s so much easier to have children if you have close relatives around who can keep an eye on them for you from time to time. It gets very expensive, otherwise.

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