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Lazy Parenting Awards: Part Trois

By Glinda

The official Lazy Parenting Award Logo!

For you, the Nile does not merely represent a river in Egypt.

If a teacher was to talk to you after class one day and inform you that your little Beaufort was seen by no less than 10 people hitting another student, your reaction would be, “My baby?My baby could have never done something like that! My sweet, poor Beaufort would never even hurt a fly!” 

Even as you are saying this, young Beaufort is glaring at the person who ratted him out and indicating the type of punishment they will receive for their betrayal.

You, my Lazy Parenting Award WinnerTM, are in denial.

Your child is an island of perfect behavior in the midst of a roiling sea of ruffians. 

Your child always does his homework, never tells a lie, and never causes an iota of trouble. 

And yet, you can never fathom those funny looks in your direction, the quick “shuffle of avoidance” at functions, or why playdates are few and far between. 

It is difficult for all parents to hear “bad” things about their child.  No one wants to believe that their kid would hit a younger child in school, or that they haven’t been doing their homework.  However, a non-lazy parent listens with respect to the bearer of the bad news, questions as necessary, and then steels themselves for the task at hand.

Which normally is to correct the behavior that needs correcting.

But not you, Lazy Parent Award WinnerTM!  

Conspiracy theorists have nothing on you.  The world is simply waging a vicious vendetta upon your angel sweetie-poo, and you as their guardian will stop at nothing to prove their innocence.

Well, you’d better get used to defending your kid, because you’re going to need a lot of practice!

3 Responses to “Lazy Parenting Awards: Part Trois”

  1. Heidi Says:

    OH dear. I can think of a few people who could win this award. I am usually shocked at how their child behaves and their lack of noticing. I love the photo caption.

  2. Eilish Says:

    When I was growing up, if it was my word against a teacher, I would LOSE! In a heartbeat! (Unless my parents knew that the teacher was unbalanced in some way and then we would still get a private talking to about not provoking the unbalanced teacher.)

    My parents had four children and no illusions about the innate goodness of their progeny. They saw first hand how awful we could be to each other. We all have a good time now, though!

  3. galadrium Says:

    Oh mercy! Having taught elementary school for a bazillion years, I could nominate quite a few prize specimens. There is nothing more frustrating than listening to parents rationalize the rotten and excuse the inexcusable. The kids just sit there silently smirking knowing nothing is going to happen…at least at home.

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