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Listmania! Go Green!

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008
By Glinda

Many of us would like to “go green” but aren’t really sure where to start.  Well, there are lots of places to start, and that might be part of the problem.  Too many choices lead to a general throwing up of the hands and a proclamation of defeat.  Here are some products to help you get on a greener path. 

Seventh Generation Diapers Seventh Generation Diapers and Wipes  If cloth diapering is not for you, products from Seventh Generation are free of chlorine and all sorts of other chemicals and are comparably priced to regular diapers when bought in bulk.   So, you can do good for the environment and good for your baby at the same time.

Compact Flourescent Bulb Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs I know a lot of you already have these, and most of the complaints I hear from people are that they can’t find the type of bulb they need.  Well, I’ve got them for you.  Dimmable, floodlight, chandelier light, reading light, anywhere light, I’ve got your back.

P3 Energy Monitor  Energy Monitor  Talk about a useful item!  You can go around your house and test everything that has a plug to find out exactly how much energy it uses.  I was intrigued by the high customer rating on this device, and the combination of their delight and disgust at finding out how much energy the items actually used.  I think this could easily make back the purchase price in energy savings.

Melissa and Doug 60pc Block Set Wood Blocks  Worried about all those nasty things that can be present in plastic toys?  Go with classic wood toys and never worry again!

Baggu Reusable Shopping Bags  Reusable Shopping Bags  Those ubiquitous plastic grocery bags are simply a bad deal for the environment, and reusable bags can be fashionable and hip, too! This 6-pack from Baggu has great colors and even better, they are machine washable.

Built NY Lunch Tote Reusable Lunch Bags  I think most people are already using these, but if you are in the market for a new one, you might want to consider something like this one from Built NY. The reviews say that it does a good job at maintaining temperatures and is also machine washable.

Quad-Function Space Pen  How about something as simple as a refillable pen?  Instead of throwing them away, just refill it and keep using!  This Quad-Function Space Pen allows you to write at any angle with two colors of ink, a pencil, and a stylus in one! 

Camelbak Better Bottle  If you are a big water drinker, stop buying those plastic bottles!  Instead, buy a water filter for your tap if you don’t like the taste of regular tap, and take your water with you in a reusable bottle.  This one by Camelbak is spillproof and comes with a flip cap and a straw for ease of use.  It may seem like a lot of money at first, but I promise you will be saving in the long run.

Wake Up and Smell the Planet  And last but not least, buy a book!  Wake Up and Smell the Planet: The Non-Pompous, Non-Preachy Grist Guide to Greening Your Day is exactly what it says it is.  It even manages to be funny!

Anyone else have any favorite products or tips?

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