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A Perfect 10 to Me

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008
By Glinda

Leave her alone!

Part of my job here at Teeny Manolo is writing about celebrities and their kids.  Because even though we should all be worried about global warming and the tanking economy, people just cannot seem to get enough Cindy Crawford and Posh Spice.  I wasn’t talking about you, though, I was talking about those guys over there.  The ones that make Perez Hilton and TMZ two of the top sites on the internet.

However, in writing about celebrity parents and their children, I vowed from day one that no matter what, I would not make fun of a famous child.  Ever.  I think that their parents are the ones who have put themselves in a position to be photographed by dozens of paparazzi whilst shopping at Whole Foods and are therefore not exempt.  They are adults who have made presumably adult decisions about what they are wearing and how they look and know full well what they have gotten themselves into. 

The kids, on the other hand, really had no say that they were born or adopted by the likes of Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, or whoever.  I actually don’t really like how the kids are followed around, I think it is a bit creepy to have a horde snapping pics while you attempt to drop your child off at school.  But, the alternative is to allow them to go out only when disguised with a scarf a la Michael Jackson, or not leave the house at all.  Neither of which are particularly good alternatives.

So I tend to emphasize the positive about celebrity children, even while gently snarking on their parents.  As a fellow parent, I can’t imagine how it would feel to have someone hiding behind a keyboard saying mean things about my kid.  People saying stuff about myself, I could handle.  My kid, not really.  On this issue I can empathize with them.  On the fake tan and boobage issues, uh, not so much.

Thus, while reading about the benefit given by Gucci and Madonna for Malawi, I was shocked to see the things people were saying about Madonna’s daughter Lourdes.  I won’t repeat what they were saying, as I found their remarks immature and inappropriate.   Lourdes is only ten freaking years old, and people are already expecting physical perfection from her.  I find that disheartening and on another level, disturbing.

What’s next? Liposuction for the 8 year old, who in between growth spurts has a bit of a tummy? Hair implants for bald newborns? Cheekbone implants for the roundfaced toddler?

Let’s just allow kids to be kids, shall we? They’ve unfortunately got an entire lifetime ahead of them to worry about their looks.

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