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Cookie Monster Answers the Proust Questionnaire

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008
By raincoaster

Shocking as it may be to realize, those beloved Sesame Street characters that we all grew up with have lives outside the limitations of the electric teat. For some, real life is a devastating spiral downward into degradation and depravity (Elmo, I’m looking at you). For some, it is a rude awakening to the hurtful reality that not even Sesame Street is free from the devastating cruelty of office politics (Sorry, Grover).

And, for some, it’s still all about the work. Here is Cookie Monster, whose pipe-eating, Monsterpiece Theatre-hosting, babybrain-poisoning antics have brought him the harsh, unwanted spotlight of global pariahhood, interviewed by NPR’s Elizabeth Blair. Well, somebody’s got to feed the all-consuming media hunger, eh? He takes his place now among the pantheon of notables who have completed the Proust Questionnaire, including Jasper Johns, Norman Mailer, Umberto Eco, Karl Lagerfeld, Catherine Deneuve, and, of course, Karl Rove.

Drop the Camera, Ma’am, and Back Away Slowly

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008
By Glinda

A permanent attachment

The Munchkin and I went to visit family this past long weekend.  And hey, no carsickness after a seven hour car trip, whoo-hoo!  It’s the little things, my friends, the little things.  I really don’t ask for much in life.  No vomiting, some chocolate once in a while, enough sleep, perhaps a nice long shower, and all is good. 

Anyhoo, my aunt recently bought a trampoline.  I have no idea why, she just did.  Not just any trampoline, a big sucker that practically screamed “I’m fun!”  It also screamed “I can give your five year old a major concussion with just one false move!” but that’s probably just the mom in me.

So my son was bouncing and yelling and throwing koosh balls and generally having a grand time.  My first reaction? Where the hell did I put that camera?  Run and grab it and make sure you get these precious moments of your son bouncing on a trampoline that can never be duplicated!

I have a feeling that many moms think the same way.  Is something cute and funny going on?   Must. Get. Camera.  Must. Record. For. Posterity.  Otherwise, our kids might think we didn’t love them or something if there is no photographic proof that fun was had!  A lot of fun! See?  Can’t you see how much fun you were having?

But how many moments have we missed actually sharing those times with them instead of having the camera in between our children and their experiences?  Exactly how many memory cards and folders must be filled to show our kids what a wonderful time they were having?

I am behind the camera so often, I often think my son will scratch his head years from now and wonder where I was his whole life.  Because I am never in any pictures with him, I am so busy taking them. 

So after a couple of minutes, I got onto the trampoline with him. 

Pictures, schmictures.

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