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Friday Caption Contest: The Devil’s Pool Edition

By raincoaster

This needs a bit of introduction.

First of all, if you’d consider doing this with your children, I’d almost be tempted to let you, on the general principle that it would do the gene pool some good. But that would be mean, wouldn’t it?

The Devil’s Pool is a shallow, warm basin of fresh, clean, tropical water just right for paddling around with your kids, except for the tiny detail that it ends in a 103 meter waterfall.

That’s “cliff” to us landlubbers.

In any case, we present the following as a bad example, knowing full-well that our gentle readers are no pack of Darwin Awards waiting to happen, and would never dream of letting their toddlers toddle to the edge of a 103 meter cliff, however moist it may be.

The Devil’s Pool

From Fogonazos, passed along by MistressCowfish at CelebratingTheAbsurd

11 Responses to “Friday Caption Contest: The Devil’s Pool Edition”

  1. gamma Says:

    “Here’s a picture of me, Daddy, and–Mommy? Where did you go, Mommy?”

  2. Twistie Says:

    Isn’t that cute! Eggbert has expressed himself by pushing his little sister over the edge!

  3. Merry Says:

    1. Exhibit 1 in the Mr. and Mrs. Smith child custody proceedings gave Mrs. Smith the advantage.

    2. A little bit more to the right. No! MY RIGHT!

  4. Krista Says:

    And the next contestant in the Polliwog division of the Annual Cliff Diving Competition is….

    (I always have to laugh when I look at my kids YMCA swimming divisions….)

  5. raincoaster Says:

    Mister Jones was bound and determined that Timmy would win the long jump competition, no matter what.

  6. gemdiva Says:

    3 with apologies to Edward Gorey

    1. Daddy, the world’s biggest fool
    Took little Andre to the Devil’s Pool
    Andre slipped and took a dive
    Now he’ll never see the age of five

    2. Little Willy told his father
    That the edge of the falls would be no bother
    Daddy fell to his death down there
    Now Willy’s Mummy’s only heir

    3. Mr. Brown, a real raving git
    Thought the edge was a good place to sit
    To the rocks down below Little Timmy fell
    Mr. Brown said “so sad, but the picture is swell”!

  7. gemdiva Says:

    Two last and final………….

    4. Mycroft, a precocious lad
    Went to the falls along with dad
    He tripped and fell into the creek
    Mum rents his room now by the week

    5. The family outing went out of whack
    When Dad went to the falls with Jack
    His last words, it would appear
    Were “I can see our house from here”.

  8. Jennie Says:

    Hi Mr. Policeman! Sure, I know where mommy is! Daddy discussed real loud with her then told her to take a flying leap. He helped…

  9. Twistie Says:

    (marvels at the wonder that is gemdiva)

  10. buttercup Says:

    Wow gemdiva, you busted out some serious rhymes on that keyboard, even better than my sister Katie. There/heir and appear/here are really good ones I never would’ve thought of, and whack/Jack is an excellent usage. I’d never heard of Edward Gorey before: the Mystery! introduction always felt like high art. I’m going to have to read more about him, he sounds like a fascinating guy.

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