Happy Valentine’s Day from Teeny Manolo! | Teeny Manolo

Happy Valentine’s Day from Teeny Manolo!

By Glinda

Back in the good old days, before they required each child to bring a Valentine for every other kid in the class or not at all, who can forget the agony when we found out that Johhny gave one to Clarissa and not us?  Or we got the “impersonal” one with a train, while Veronica got the hand-decorated heart from Mike?  

Well Mike, we’ve moved on!  We didn’t like your stupid heart, anyway!  We prefer pink, thank you!  We were supposed to live in a shack in Hawaii with a Corvette and seven kids, but the fact you didn’t know I liked pink better just goes to show that we never would have worked out anyway.

Take <em>that</em> Mike!


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