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Fit for a Prince

Thursday, February 14th, 2008
By raincoaster

or Princess, as the case may be.

Now, it is rare indeed that you will find me flogging clothing for children that is specifically marketed as a “Black Tie Collection,” for rarer indeed than unicorn sightings at a Paris Hilton performance are the occasions on which children are properly invited to attend black tie functions (which of course begin in the evening) and naturally the use of “Black Tie” as a swanky euphemism for “expensive” is horribly infra dig if not actually nouveau riche.

But then, how is Marie-Chantal, Crown Princess Pavlos of Greece to know? Heiress, socialite, It Girl, designer and model Her Highness Marie-Chantal (formerly “Miller”) undoubtably totes her tykes to all manner of state dinners and debutante balls, and I’m sure she’s never met a nouveau in her life, especially since Warhol died before she reached puberty.

As I said, it goes against my stuffy, literal-minded grain to promote such a thing, particularly when the designer is all, like, “Oh, we just called the brand plain old Marie-Chantal” to be all down-homey while featuring a baby wearing a crown as her logo. Plain old Marie-Chantal indeed.



Would you look at these clothes? And, furtherto and forafter, would you look at the prices?

Marie Chantal Black Tie toddler collection

Lace Collar Shirt
Price: $102.00 Sale $30.60

Baby Girl Fancy Halter Dress
Price: $125.00 Sale $37.50

So you’d be getting a gorgeous little baby party outfit of heirloom quality for $68.10 instead of the completely-out-of-the-question $227.oo. That is what I’d call a frugal indulgence, and most definitely something to be considered when one simply has to commit an act of Salvation Armani.

For girls sizes 2-12:

Marie Chantal Girl’s Outfit

God, I want that for myself! Yes, I confess it: I miss Laura Ashley!

Peal Style Cardigan
Price: $141.00 Sale $42.30

Raglan Blouse
Price: $134.00 Sale $40.20

Reversible Dot Skirt
Price: $154.00 Sale $46.20

And the boys are not forgotten. They are just camouflaged as their grandfathers:

Marie Chantal boy’s outfit

Cashmere V-Neck Vest
Price: $141.00

Boy “Grand-Pa” Shirt
Price: $122.00 Sale $36.60

Boy Dress Trouser
Price: $147.00 Sale $44.10

Boys Blazer
Price: $218.00 Sale $65.40

One notes, one does, that Plain Old Marie-Chantal knows that good cashmere never needs to get marked down to sell.

She’s such a practical girl at heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Teeny Manolo!

Thursday, February 14th, 2008
By Glinda

Back in the good old days, before they required each child to bring a Valentine for every other kid in the class or not at all, who can forget the agony when we found out that Johhny gave one to Clarissa and not us?  Or we got the “impersonal” one with a train, while Veronica got the hand-decorated heart from Mike?  

Well Mike, we’ve moved on!  We didn’t like your stupid heart, anyway!  We prefer pink, thank you!  We were supposed to live in a shack in Hawaii with a Corvette and seven kids, but the fact you didn’t know I liked pink better just goes to show that we never would have worked out anyway.

Take <em>that</em> Mike!


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