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Saturday, February 9th, 2008
By raincoaster

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Actually, you might have: six million people have. But then, I was late to the weird pirate video, too.

This is tiny little Hunter Hayes, singing that classic Cajun dish, Jambalaya, and accompanying himself on the accordion. Watch that kid go! You can’t tell me that’s not a great arm workout!

Accordions. So hot right now.

Stolen from TheDailyMartini.

And now, you and your munchkin can live the life, the glamor, the dream which is: The Accordion. Note the special deal: buy an accordion, get the bongos for just $26 more! Your rec room will soon be the secret clubhouse of all the budding neighborhood hipsters.

next stop, American Idol!

Saturday Spotlight: Goody Goody Shoes

Saturday, February 9th, 2008
By Glinda

Begun by a mom in her basement up in Northern California, her unique style of handcrafted slippers for children and women have been around for more than a decade.   These “Bon Bons” have silk and velvet uppers with non-skid suede soles.  The website claims that these are for “lounging in style.”

For me, some of the designs are a bit over the top, especially if the only people that are going to see them are my husband, my son, and our betta fish.  However, the fabrics are gorgeous, the craftmanship beautifully done, and I could picture myself in some of the simpler designs.   They run $29.00 for kids, $41.00 for women. 

Goody Goody “Poppy”Goody Goody “Evening”

Goody Goody “Athena”Goody Goody “Clover”

Goody Goody “Blue Jonquil”Goody Goody “Buckle”


Would you purchase these for you and your kids to hang around the house?  At least you can feel completely glamorous while loading the dishwasher!

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