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When Grownups Play

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008
By raincoaster

Continuing our theme of “Grownups at Play” from the Friday Caption Contest, I couldn’t resist passing this along from Gawker; it’s art! It’s a protest! It’s comedy! It’s tragedy! It’s a Flashfrozen-mob!

It’s ImprovEverywhere.com‘s 200-person strong motionless event at Grand Central Station, and it’s bizarre, beautiful, and hilarious. More grownups should have the courage to do something just because it’s fun, and maybe a little because it’s weird, too. Would you do this?

Saturday Spotlight: Harajuku Lovers

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008
By Glinda

This week’s fashion spotlight is shining on a designer who already has quite the few spotlights shining her way already.  I’m talking about Gwen Stefani and her line of clothing, Harajuku Lovers.

Harajuku is actually a train station in Japan.  Due to the proximity of parks as well as upscale shops on Takeshita-dori,  the station became a popular hangout for Japanese youth.  And we all know that when a bunch of young people congregate, trouble creativity is bound to happen.  The Harajuku station bathrooms became the place for teens to change from their normal clothes into the fun, spirited, and outrageous fashions that the area is now famous for.

Harajuku fashion is seen as a form of dress-up, not necessarily a lifestyle.  It is all about freedom of expression and of course, the age-old rebellion thing that teens have a well-deserved reputation for displaying. The picture below is an example of this.

Harajuku Fashion


To be honest, I was fully prepared to hate Gwen Stefani’s line for girls.  I kind of wanted to look at it and say, “Woman, stick to the music!”   I wasn’t fond of the entourage of “Harajuku girls” that Gwen surrounded hersef with for a time. But, suprisingly, I think the clothes are cute, and unlike many clothing lines for young girls nowadays, totally age-appropriate.  The clothes reflect the colorful, cartoonish style popular with Japanese youth.  They are casual and comfortable, with an emphasis on shirts and hoodies.

Cute!Even cuter!I like it!I’m diggin’ this one


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