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Nineteen Questions and Five Puppies

By raincoaster

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Not that they have anything to do with one another.

I’m lazy today, so I’m just going to point you over to dissfunktional, who, in the great tradition of meme-starting, has … uh … started a meme.

19 Questions To Be Answered From All Over The World


One of the experiences I’ve found enjoyable about blogging is all of the people I’ve met online that live all over the globe. It is easy to overlook the distance that separates us.

People as individuals are already so unique, so different from one another ~ no two are the same. Add to this the various customs, languages and cultural differences, coming to the computer to blog or to visit other blogs has been like partaking in a colorful carnival of events, personalities and cultures on a daily basis.

Whether we’re simply blogging or actually visiting another’s home country, paying attention to customs and cultural differences can provide those outside that culture a better chance of assimilation and acceptance.

It is important to be aware of stereotypes, and know that they are often wrong.

I came up with 19 Questions. Some of these are areas where I’ve noticed differences. Most countries I don’t have any idea what their answers could be but would love to discover more about.

When country men and women share their answers here, I suspect many of the responses might surprise us.

A variety of people from each country providing input is best on some of these below questions in order to represent a more balanced view. So if someone has already responded to a question representing your country, please feel free to provide your own input as well.

Answer them all, or take your pick; please encourage others to join in!

Click onward to answer. I’m working through the 19 Questions right now.

2 Responses to “Nineteen Questions and Five Puppies”

  1. raincoaster Says:

    So, did anybody do this? Now that the gin has worn off I’m thinking I should go back and answer 15 and 16 properly.

  2. Jennie Says:

    I did! It was fun seeing what everyone wrote…….

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