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Mommy, can we go to MOMA?

Sunday, January 13th, 2008
By raincoaster

Have you ever faced the challenge of drumming up childish enthusiasm for a museum or art gallery visit among childrens to whom such enthusiasm cometh not naturally? Verily, it is one of the labours of Sisyphus, and not to be undertaken by the faint of heart or wavering of purpose, particularly because it usually results in a stalemate of wills and ejaculations of the “I told you, just get in the damn car already!” variety.

Worth 1000 feels your pain. To their legions of talented Photoshoppers they have given the challenge of rendering the classic works of visual art in a more kid-friendly manner. Click to see their results; we are particularly fond of the “Leonardo da Simpson,” although the tighty-whiteys render it of dubious suitability for a family blog. Instead, let us look upon the mysterious smile of the Big Mona.

Big Mona

Listmania! Great Baby Shower Gifts

Sunday, January 13th, 2008
By Glinda

For some reason, there has been a mini baby boom over the past few years, and no less than five people I know are currently expecting.  That’s a lot of babies, which turns into a lot of baby showers to attend.  And because I love my friends, I will suck it up and grudgingly gladly play umpteen games of “Baby Bingo” and guessing how many diaper pins are in the jar.

Baby registries are highly popular, but sometimes new mothers don’t know what they need.  They think they know what they need, but they really don’t.  How do I know? Because I was one of them. 

So, that is where Glinda steps in to help to find you the best of the best.

 Diaper Dekor Plus

Diaper Dekor Plus Diaper Disposal System

If the mom-to-be is using disposable diapers, this is the way to go. A bit more expensive than the Genie, it is a similar but improved version.  As an added bonus, you can operate it with one hand.

Petit Appetit Organic Cookbook

Petit Appetit Cookbook: Easy, Organic Recipes to Nurture Your Baby and Toddler

I like this book because it doesn’t stop at recipes for only babies, it continues with meals for toddlers. This greatly increases its versatility, and new moms need all the versatility they can get! 

Built NY Double Thirsty Tote

Built NY Double Thirsty Tote

This neoprene holder allows you to strap on two feeding bottles, sippy cups, cans, or whatever onto pretty much anything, anywhere.  Also comes in black, pink, and blue.


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