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Friday Caption Contest Results: Sinister Santa edition

By raincoaster

You will recall our tentaclacious Santa Claus, the malign Cthulhu in disguise, picking up some pocket change working a few shifts at the mall. Now it’s time to announce the winner of our caption contest:

Cthulhu Santa

Twistie Says:

All I want for Christmas is not to be eaten or driven to madness by Santa. And a red bike.

and now, the virtual presentation of the hypothetical shoes for the imaginary award ceremony.

The hypothetical shoes

and yes, I am deeply in love with Giuseppe Zanotti and his beautiful shoes.

3 Responses to “Friday Caption Contest Results: Sinister Santa edition”

  1. Bellamama Says:

    Oh, definitely the best, Twistie! Congrats on the shoes!

  2. raincoaster Says:

    Well, Jennie and gamma were close behind. It’s always a tough call with this crowd!

  3. Twistie Says:

    (is deeply humbled)

    I’d like to thank my producer, my director, and my brother who introduced me to the concept of Cthulu early on. Oh, and Edward Gorey and Charles Addams for warping my brain early in life.

    In conclusion (is hypnotized by shoes) oooh, shiny!

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