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Friday Caption Contest: Sinister Santa edition

By raincoaster

No, I don’t mean scary. I mean SINISTER! Hearkening back to our Halloween Costumes of the Great Old Ones, this marvelously crafted portrait of Cthulhu, the best piece of eldritch and abhorrent Elder Gods art you’ll see this holiday season, is the work of Amy Rawson of Thirdroar and her boyfriend, which we found via the reliably bizarre Neatorama.

Ye knowest the drille: Captions in the commentes, Elder Signs in the pockettes.

Cthulhu Santa

And just for bonus points, here’s a Cthulhu Cthristmas tale
and some Cthulhu Ctharols.

By the way, we will be “keeping the season” with our friends in the early part of next week, so posting may be a bit slower and commenting a bit touchier than normal. It’s the “indigestion,” you know.

11 Responses to “Friday Caption Contest: Sinister Santa edition”

  1. gemdiva Says:

    “Hey, you’re not Santa.”

    “No, I’m Cthulhu”

    “God bless you. Now, just who the hell are you?”

    Ba Dum Bum

  2. Twistie Says:

    All I want for Christmas is not to be eaten or driven to madness by Santa. And a red bike.

  3. Taunt Talli Says:

    When Suzie really wanted to make Calvin sorry for throwing those snowballs, she was grateful for her voodoo doll sewing skills.

  4. gamma Says:

    The reformed Grinch discovered that every Who down in Whoville preferred it when he played Santa without growing a beard.

  5. Bellamama Says:

    “No, I don’t believe you’re the real Santa. But, I’m guessing you could get me pretty much anything I want, so here goes.”

  6. raincoaster Says:

    I’ll have a go:

    “What do you mean, am I a roaster or a fryer?

  7. Ortizzle Says:

    “C’mon, Santa. Those are totally fake tentacles!”

  8. Jennie Says:

    When Futurama was cancelled, Dr. Zoidberg had no choice but to take any job that came along. What a waste of a medical degree!

  9. A Nonny Mouse Says:

    And the winner of the caption contest IS…?????

  10. raincoaster Says:

    Coming, coming. It’s still a holiday in Canada, ya know.

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