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present tense

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007
By raincoaster

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Stuck in a (Mom) Rut

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007
By Glinda


When my husband met me oh so many moons ago, I had long blonde hair, down to the mid-back.  You know, hair that you would have in your carefree early twenties.  He liked it so much, he decided to marry me.

Knowing that he liked my hair long, I kept it the same way for almost fifteen years- no bangs, all one length.  Even after the Munchkin was born, I cut some of it off, but it quickly grew back to my original length.

Then about eight months ago, I began hankering for a change.  For layers, for volume, for something other than what I had been staring in the mirror at for so long. I informed my husband of this, and he looked at me and said, “As long as you don’t get “mom hair.” 

Uh, excuse me?

But the sad part is, I knew what he meant by that phrase, even though he was joking.  Or so he said, even as he ducked behind a pillow to avoid the flying projectile headed his direction. The same way that everyone knows what “mom jeans” are.  And you just know on those makeover shows that the majority of the women are going to be frumpy moms made over into fabulous.

Why is that?

Sometimes it is all too easy to just sort of stay stuck in our little ruts we have created for ourselves.  Sometimes we are too busy caring for others instead of caring for ourselves.   Sometimes money is running short, and we’d rather spend it on our kids than ourselves.

These are all convenient excuses to not keep our looks updated.  I’m not talking spending oodles of money on clothes, but  something from a store that has nary a pair of sweatpants in sight.  We figure, hey, I’ve always looked good in this style, so I still will. 

Not always, my friends, not always. 

I say we try to change the perception of moms as being unhip and downright frowsy.  That “mom hair” not be hair that is necessarily cut just for ease of styling, but with individual style in mind.  That “mom jeans” be jeans that while still allowing their owner to bend down and pick up their fleeing toddler, fit nicely and flatter the figure. And preferably were purchased less than well, fifteen years ago.

There’s got to be some middle ground between the fine ladies pictured above and this:

Posh in heels! Surprise!


Let’s make the change one set of low-rise jeans at a time!

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