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Glinda’s Gift Guide to Man Pampering

By Glinda

Let’s face it, we women are experts at pampering ourselves. And that is a good thing.

But, maybe we should let the men in on some of our secrets.

Here are a few gift ideas for the man who thinks that splashing on some Brut is going the extra mile. That’s a joke, but does anyone even use Brut anymore? Anyhoo, you never know what kind of trend you could start. Before you know it, spa dates could become a regular thing!

You can never go wrong with a pair of Burberry Square Checked Cuff Links. I am a big fan of cuff links, I swoon slightly whenever I see a man wearing them. And even though they are an opportunity to add a bit of color to a suit or shirt, let’s start off with something a bit more traditional. Baby steps, baby steps.


Next, we move on to shaving. Men will probably use their Edge gel from Target or whatever on regular days, but there are times when they like a closer, cleaner shave. And why not help him get there with a luxe shave starter set from The Art of Shaving? He might surprise himself by using it much more often than he thought he would.

Like Buttah!

Let’s face it, most men aren’t going to go out and buy fancy facial cleansers for themselves. Thus, the beauty of this gift is that they can use it with a clear conscience, because it was a gift, right? And all men know how insulted their women get when they don’t use the gifts they bought for them. Then they will feel perfectly justified using Kiehl’s products, which are of excellent quality. As an added bonus, the packaging looks almost medicinal, thus saving them from the embarassment of having to apply something from a bottle with flowers all over it.

They’ll get addicted to it!

I know robes aren’t for all men. My own husband does not really even understand the concept of a robe. But I’m wondering if I would be able to convince him otherwise with this robe from Barefoot Dreams. Have you ever had the chance to feel one of these? They are sooo soft, it’s like you’re wrapped up in your own personal cloud. And a bonus would be that you could possibly “borrow” it. And hey, I thought I’d end it with a little man candy for y’all. You’re welcome.


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One Response to “Glinda’s Gift Guide to Man Pampering”

  1. Striving\Tessa Says:

    That is good man candy, but I really like the shaving set for my hubby. Thanks for the tip.

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