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The Exploding Piggybank and the Power of Metaphor

Thursday, December 6th, 2007
By raincoaster

When I say the word “Wacky,” what comes to mind? Surely near the top of the list must be the stern, relentless, blue-suited, product-pimping machine which is the nation of Japan. A look at their work habits tells us all we need to know of their seriousness. A look at their products tells us a great deal more than we need to know about their subconscious.

Behold the exploding piggy bank:

Exploding Piggy Bank

Ship Immediately as we don’t want it explode before shipping :p)

Well, that’s understandable, eh?

Exciting Sound to embarrass,
Vibration to threat you for Money Big Explosion!!
Start Your Money-Saving Life
with full of thrill in jeopardy everyday!
Save Money little by little every day :D)
Yes, full of fun when you think of your future’s finance, Romance to Paris, PS3 with some extra Wii and iphone extravagantly…
But do not skip the day without putting the money in it for saving!
Otherwise, the Bomb Bank blows off all the coins you saved, shaking its body and making exciting sounds!

There are, the corporation informs us, two ways to play with the Exploding Bomb Piggy Bank: gambling mode and savings mode. JUST LIKE REAL LIFE! Gambling mode is demonstrated in this YouTube video, and works basically like Russian Roulette, but with money. Just the lesson to teach your growing children!

Party Geme Mode (Gamble Mode)
Turn on the switch to “Party”
and set the explosive probability out of three:
Level 1(1/3), Level II (1/10) and III(1/30)
Then put a coin in turn with friends.
When it blows off, “Hip, hip, hurrah!”, now he is the winner!

Daily Money Saving Mode (Piggy Bank Mode)
Turn on the switch to “BANK” and set either Level I, II or III.
Level I: at least a coin per day to stop bombing
Level II: only a coin to keep it calm for three days
Level III: Ramdom super danger mode! (it may distract your peaceful mind as it may bomb up any time… very good to spend a life as a game)
When the piggy bank is neglected and no coins for some time, it indicate the danger by its light illumination colors and sudden vibration!

Yes, indeed, we all want to teach our children that money is a random, arbitrary phenomenon that manifests only in conjunction with destruction and violence. Also, you must feed the bank with money regularly or it will turn on you. So true; so very true.

At least, it is in my life.

May I humbly suggest something a little more classic? Charming as I find this Itchy-and-Scratchy-like hunk of plastic to be, I prefer it if accessing my savings doesn’t actually require four AAA batteries. I’m funny that way.

Allowance Bank Art Kit
Check out the Allowance Bank Art Kit

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Teeny Manolo Sweepstakes- Last Call!

Thursday, December 6th, 2007
By Glinda



Have you heard about this yet?

Have you heard that we are basically shoving gift certificates at you?

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Perhaps you are so rich that you are not in need of an extra $150 or $50 gift certificate to Amazon. Which by the way, sells much much more than just books.

And if so, can I come over to your house for Christmas?

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