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Cindy Crawford, Yup, Still Gorgeous

By Glinda

Keepin’ it Real

Oh, Cindy.  What happened?  Last week showed you looking perfect on the beach.  And frankly, I was a little jealous.

This week? 

Did you make some photographers angry and they decided to Photoshop some cellulite on your tummy?

Or is that you?

I think that if it is indeed you, we are totally gonna be BFF.  Because you are a woman who is not afraid to show her real body, dimples be damned.   You bore two children, you have the right to not be completely obsessive about the flatness of your abdomen.   

We all know that cellulite happens even to very thin women, it’s appearance is more a matter of genetics than anything else.  Or whatever that harsh lighting is showing, you are still more gorgeous than 99.9% of the general population. 

I’ve said before that women’s bodies are not flawless, so why the insistence that they should look perfect all the time?  And who is to say exactly what perfect is?

So Cindy, we need to hang out!  I can be your flunky and carry around those special photography lights and umbrellas so that you are never photographed from an unflattering angle, if that’s what you want.  But, I prefer you au naturel.

And P.S. You can still totally kick Paris Hilton’s ass!   

10 Responses to “Cindy Crawford, Yup, Still Gorgeous”

  1. Phyllis Says:

    I think it’s just that awful post-baby flabby skin we all get. Can’t do anything about that except a tummy tuck. I wish you could get one as an add on to a c-section.

  2. Liz Says:

    I think she looks great! Any woman over 40 who can still wear a bikini is fine with me. Of course, I haven’t worn a bikini since I was 16! I would if I had her body.

  3. raincoaster Says:

    Didn’t Britney get exactly that? I thought she had.

    Good for Cindy, wearing a bikini. I cannot believe the number of my friends who simply refuse to be seen in a bathing suit, even if they’re going for a swim. They simply cut the beach out of their lives entirely, because they don’t look perfect. How sad.

  4. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    I don’t think that’s cellulite either. I think it’s just that loose, wrinkly post-baby abdomen skin. She still looks a million times better than I would in that bikini, and I haven’t even had any kids! Cindy was always my fave of the Supermodels — she always had a rep for being really professional and pleasant. She really seems to have her life together, with her hot husband and adorable kids. Good for you, Cindy!!!

  5. Joan H. Says:

    Yep, that’s baby-belly skin. She’s a victim of the angle, here; if she were standing up straighter, it wouldn’t look like that. I know, because mine’s the same way. Go, Cindy!

  6. patois Says:

    I’m fond of saying — to anyone who tells me I’m skinny — that’s just because you’ve never seen me naked…nor will you. I shall have to add “or in a two-piece bathing suit.” Don’t know if it’s really her or not. She’s still beautiful, whoever she is.

  7. Miss Janey Says:

    Miss Janey can take a joke, really she can. She understands that this is meant as a cheeky response to the media’s obssessiveness with celebrity and thinness. That its good to see that even our goddesses aren’t perfect.

    However, as women, can’t we think of ANYTHING else than HOW WE FREAKIN’ LOOK? And how OTHER women look? Even Cindy Crawford, who admittedly has a career based on her looks msut have other things going on. Books she reads, children she’s rearing, charitable causes she supports…

    Miss Janey understands the impulse to see a woman we idolize as “perfect” and enjoy it when we discover she’s got body flaws just like we do. But by writing about this stuff, aren’t we buying into the notion that women are first and foremost their bodies and appearance? And aren’t we even promoting that notion? As women shouldn’t we be a little what we’re teaching other young women what we do this?

  8. benvenuta Says:

    You bore two children, you have the right to not be completely obsessive about the flatness of your abdomen.
    Well, she didn`t deserve that right by bearing children. It sounds like other women do not have that right. I know you didn`t mean it to sound like that. But – ALL women have the right to not be completely obsessive about the flatness of their abdomens.

  9. Glinda Says:

    Benvenuta- You are right, I didn’t mean it come off that only women who have been pregnant have the right not to be completely obsessive about their abdomens.

    I see where it could be interpreted that way, and that was not the intent.

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