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Listmania! Classic Toys

By Glinda


Have you thought to yourself, while shopping for fake pets that kids can take care of online, or toys that look like they will break after five minutes, “They just don’t make them like they used to?”

Oh, but they do! And you have to figure, there has to be some reason these toys are still around, right?

Well, I am a bit puzzled about the sea monkeys, but here is a list of classic toys you can never go wrong with purchasing.

Operation  The horrid buzzing sound that signaled the death of your dream career in medicine never failed to scare me. And that wish bone, it was always my downfall.

Sea Monkeys Ok, raise your hand if you thought they were really sea monkeys when you were a kid.  Liar.

Magic 8 ball The original, used mostly for answering the truly important questions in life, such as if Johnny liked you as much as you liked him, or if Michelle was still your best friend. 

Slinky Dog Just like the one in Toy Story!  There were rumors that he could be pulled across the length of two rooms, but I’m pretty sure that’s just an urban myth.

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots In my estrogen-ruled household with my Dad as the only male, this game was something I never actually played with, but my husband got really excited when he found out this was still around. Why do I have the feeling I will be getting familiar with this toy sooner than I realize?

Perfection Even more than Operation, this game with a timer louder than a roaring train put me completely on edge. What other game would literally blow up in your face if you didn’t finish in time? Again, always scared the crap out of me, which was part of the fun.

Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon Listen, they have all sorts of different incarnations of this original, including one with drink holders. But, for that true retro feeling of knowing you could fall out at any second, nothing but this will do.

Easy Bake Oven Ok, yes, so it’s been recalled. But who could forget the doughy gooeyness of a cupcake “baked” in one of these babies? Ahhh, the wonders a light bulb can do. The model from Amazon does not look to be the same as the recalled model, but apparently it’s caveat emptor.

Barbie The “Reem Acra Bride Barbie” I’ve linked to is a far cry from the Barbie I played with back in 197(cough, cough). It was Barbie, Ken, and Skipper having to make do with a shoebox as their dream house. And of course, I cut off her hair.

Lincoln Logs These are still going strong, and I am amazed that my son loves playing with these just as much as I did.

Legos This toy has evolved to include so many specialty types, from specialized acrylic bricks to yes, an Advent Calendar.

Erector sets Got a builder in the family? If you do, there is no way they can resist the siren call of the 150 Piece Construction Bucket! This toy was invented in 1913, and it is amazing that it is still a favorite almost 100 years later.

Trouble How did our parents ever survive the popping noise that this game constantly produces? But as with most noisy games, a heck of a lot of fun!

TinkerToys For some reason, I don’t remember my parents buying me this toy, but the creations my son can make with it attest to it’s continuing popularity.

14 Responses to “Listmania! Classic Toys”

  1. raincoaster Says:

    Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots is a LOT of fun. And the Pop-O-Matic may be the greatest invention anywhere, ever, gravity included.

    But… no Monopoly? How can you prepare kids for a Google world without Monopoly?

  2. Margaret Says:

    I lov e all those toys. Except Erector sets. Never had one.

    And Perfection? Stupid. I always cheated.

    Oooh…you need to add Lite Brite. Loved that one too.

  3. Liz Says:

    I remember playing the original Battleship game and having lots of fun with that. Also, you gotta love just a plain old deck of cards. Most kids I know now don’t know how to play any card games.

  4. ConeyBean Says:

    How do you cheat at perfection?? I loved that game…

  5. dgm Says:

    Ooh, I second the Lite Brite “making thi-ings with li-i-ight!” I’m also gonna go with Viewmaster for the younger ones. My kids love those things (but maybe it’s only because they don’t get a lot of TV.) And also, for some reason the kids, they like “Hungry Hungry Hippos” although honestly it never did much for me.

  6. Steph Says:

    Great list! We have been having fun re-discovering many of the classic board games as my oldest is ready for them. So much fun! Lite Brite, Trouble and Sorry! are all waiting in the gift closet for the holidays!

  7. Ari Says:

    I have to second being terrified of Perfection and Operation… Perhaps this is why I don’t like loud noises?

    Great list, so glad that some kids won’t just be getting the latest videogames for Christmas. And the Radio Flyer with drink holders? *I* want one!

  8. Margaret Says:

    ConeyBean – Its easy to cheat at perfection. I used to lay all the pieces out in precisely the right order and put them in the slots real quick. Presto! I won….every time.

  9. Occasus Says:

    What about Hungry Hippo? Playing it must have drove my parents and grandparents nuts.

  10. gemdiva Says:

    I must add the pot holder loom. I got one as a kid when I was recuperating with a broken leg and made potholders for the entire neighborhood. 🙂 Count me in on the playing cards and a big YES on Lite Brite. The other thing we used to have fun with was jigsaw puzzles. We’d divide up the puzzle with the youngest players assigned looking for edge pieces and each person getting a section to work on. Add hot chocolate and cookies and you’re good to go. Just make sure you have a table that you won’t have to use for a few days before you get started.

  11. Joan H. Says:

    I’ll second Sorry!, which my entire family loves. I don’t understand the appeal of Hungry Hungry Hippos, either, but my kids really love it. It is an exceptionally noisy game.

    I’d add dominoes to the list, if not to actually play dominoes with, at least to set up and knock down — a vital exercise in developing small motor skills, and patience. Card games are essential, too. And what about checkers? Even pretty little kids can learn to play checkers.

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