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Glinda’s Gift-Giving Made Easy

By Glinda

With a wave of my magic wand, I give you some super fantastic gifts for those hard-to-buy for people on your list!

Baby’s 1st Christmas

So Precious!

Handprint Ornament

For the Grandma

Fits in Your Purse!

Pocket “Brag Book”

For the Beauty Junkie

For Luscious Lips!

Bare Escentuals “Buxom Babes” Lip Polish Set

For the Diva

Juicy is hot!

Juicy Couture Crown Charm Necklace

For the Dad

For boys of all ages!

The Dangerous Book For Boys

For the Sweet Tooth

Make them feel young again!

Dylan’s Nostalgic Candy Land Gift Basket

For the Mom

For that Amazing Mom!

philosophy Amazing Grace Jumbo Gift Set

For the Kid Who Has Almost Everything

So cute and comfy!

Kaloo Bear Sofa

For Mom’s Little Helper

Especially for Little Hands!

Sassafras Little Cook Tool Kit

For the Teacher

Pure Bliss!

Bliss Spa Mini 6-Pack

7 Responses to “Glinda’s Gift-Giving Made Easy”

  1. patois Says:

    I am duly impressed with your wand’s abilities. (And by “wand,” I don’t mean…well, you know.)

  2. Ortizzle Says:

    Good choices. Although I will say from personal experience that the teacher’s gift doesn’t need to be made easy. It’s already very, very easy (and I get lots of ’em every year)…

  3. raincoaster Says:

    Uh, you forgot “favorite parenting bloggers!” May I suggest the Tiffany Ribbon Bracelet? Or a nice villa on the Riviera…so much easier to blog from a nice villa, don’t you think?

  4. Phyllis Says:

    I have one of those Bliss minipacks – good choice!

  5. Cherry Says:

    We got our niece that Sassafras Little Cook tool kit last Christmas, and then I gave her a few cooking lessons. It was a big hit.

    She learned the wonderful lesson of “Clean as you go”, I wonder if it has stuck ­čśë

    Thanks for the great ideas Miss Glinda!

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