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interspecies communication

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007
By raincoaster


from Wulffmorgenthaler, via CelebratingTheAbsurd

Glue Sniffer?

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007
By raincoaster

Play Doh

God knows, you don’t want anyone to be in a moment’s doubt about whether or not you’re a parent. You find, perhaps, that excusing yourself from meetings to “go potty” or using a diaper bag as your overnight bag at the conference isn’t enough. You need more. You want to REEK of parenthood.

Demeter, ancient Greek goddess of Springtime, the Earth, a bountiful harvest, and social engineering (? yes, really) has heard your cries. She has brought forth from her hidden cavern gifts of Play-Doh, BabyPowder, Crayon, and even the controversial Glue.

There’s More Than One Way to Get a Wool Sweater

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007
By Glinda



A neighbor of mine called me the other day.

“I have some things for your son, if you would like. It’s a long story, but I’ve got some sweaters that I think will fit him.”

She was making excuses to the wrong person, because there is nothing I like better than a long story. It has to be well-told, but long stories are so much more satisfying than short ones.

Anyhoo, it turns out that somehow she briefly lost her mind for a period of time, long enough for her to put her husband’s new merino wool sweaters into the washing machine. Her husband is a pretty big guy, and suddenly his sweaters fit a five year old.


I had to laugh, and she laughed with me. It was pained laugh, but a laugh nonetheless.

So now my son is the proud owner of two designer wool sweaters, valued at almost two hundred buckaroos apiece.

Who says we’re not fancy over here at Casa Glinda?

Now, if I could only try to avoid the fight I know is coming because as great as they look, they are scratchy. I can hear the cries of protest already.

Trucks Are For Kids!

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007
By Glinda

Not too long ago, I was watching televsion.  Yes, I have many better things to do with my time, but hush.

Then, this commercial came on:

If when writing this commecial, the people at Playskool thought to themselves, “Let’s film something that will get people’s panties all in a wad!” then they certainly succeeded.

I agree with the basic sentiment of this commercial. I happen to think that boys and girls ARE different. 

Go ahead, put your head between your legs and breeeaaaathe.  Iiiiin and ooouuuut.  Feeling better?

Now before you go pounding your fist on the computer, begin composing nasty emails about the conspiracies behind why the ERA was never passed, or how I am a betrayer of my own sex or whatever, let me explain myself.

I happen to have a son and am myself a woman who was once a girl. I think I have a pretty good perspective.

It doesn’t mean that girls can’t play with trucks and that boys can’t play with dolls.  It just means that the main demographic for this toy is boys, plain and simple.  Just as the main demographic for My Pretty Pony is girls.  There are reasons for this, and the use of the word “different” does not necessarily connote that one is better than the other.

Is the commerical an enforcer of outdated stereotypes, or simply a reflection of our society?

And why is it that I have never heard a peep about the lack of boys in a My Pretty Pony commercial?

*If you would like to see for yourself the controversy I was referring to go here. I didn’t originally link because the site usually requires that you watch an ad, but I thought I would present an opposing view since most commenters are agreeing with me!

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