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Saturday, October 27th, 2007
By raincoaster

lolcats and funny pictures

I’m lazy today, so I thought I’d sift through some blog posts and put up some I thought were newsier, more celebrity-encrusted, or simply more amusing than anything I can come up with today, so here ya go!

MyLittlePony is a bit OCD, n’est ce pas? (Portraits of Canadians, via Bridlepath)

The Muppets vs the Fraggles (CelebrityScraps)

Gretchen Mol gives birth to ancient Egyptian (Babyrazzi)

Tori Spelling steals Denise Richards’ look! But the kid is a little monkey (CelebrityBabies)

Gwyneth Paltrow’s kids are so cute even SHE has to smile (JustJared)

Manny Ramirez is a Major League Dad! (CelebrityBabyBlog)

Ghetto pants: a bum rap? (Catalina tu Vecina)

Carrot juice is MURDER! (Seismic Twitch)

My wife likes to see me tied up (Charlie’s House)

May the prettiest and coolest child win! (Dadsmacker)

Showdown at the hoedown (MommyOffTheRecord)

Toddler has reached critical mass (TheBlogess)

Knitted baby butt cosy! (AwesomeMom)

Soap operas as study guides? (KvetchBlog)

Yard arting, empty nesting, and wishful thinking (SuburbanLesbian)

Optimus Prime is gay, too! (me!)

Blingorific- The Results Show!

Saturday, October 27th, 2007
By Glinda

As bad for your baby as it looks!

So thanks to a tip from my esteemed co-blogger Raincoaster, I was able to verify that Swarovski crystals do in fact contain 32% lead, so there are all kinds of stupid going on with this pacifier. 

Even more stupid?  That someone would pay $54.95 for it.  Granted the website states that it should only be used under adult supervision, but babies can be pretty quick to pop something in their mouths.  So unless “supervision” means being less than three inches away from the child at all times in readiness to grab it away at the slightest hint of a turn-around, I would never give this to a baby.  And yet they are charging me fifty-five bucks for the chance for my kid to get lead poisoning!

So who wins?

Awesome Mom with the closest price of fifty bucks even! Brag away, my friend!  

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