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Glinda and the Fires: an update!

By raincoaster

Glinda the GoodGlinda speaks!

Quick summary, for those of you who didn’t tune in to yesterday’s episode: Glinda lives in Southern California and spent much of yesterday watching wildfires creep closer and closer to her house.

They couldn’t open the windows because of the hurricane force winds bearing burning ash.

She watched transformers explode, scattering PCBs in columns of blue flame!

And she was worried about the blog!

Honestly, we love her but sometimes the girl has no sense of perspective!

Here’s the update:

Chicken Little has left the building…for now, anyway.

We are back at home, the power came back on around 4:30pm, and the winds around our house have died down considerably. Hundreds of trees uprooted, mostly beautiful large firs, oaks, and pine trees. Our home was never in any imminent danger, although where I live has lots of chaparral and large brush areas, so there is always a chance of embers being carried by the wind and igniting. There were lots of fire personnel prowling around, looking for any flare-ups that might occur from a stray ember. Totally a surreal scene here. The big fire in Irvine was being carried away from us by the direction of the wind.

Other people, not so lucky. Hundreds of homes lost, although miraculously, minimal loss of life. The entire SoCal region is an inferno, or at least, it certainly feels that way when the smoke and ash are everywhere, blotting out the sun and turning the moon brown.

Thank you for the well-wishes, and let us save our prayers for all those who are still in danger, of which there are many. For now, we are blessed to count ourselves safe, and unless the winds kick back up again or some crazy pyromaniac starts another fire nearer to us, we should be fine.

8 Responses to “Glinda and the Fires: an update!”

  1. gamma Says:

    Welcome back, Glinda. Truly, there’s no place like home. Thank goodness you are safe, and pray that others will be too.

  2. Twistie Says:

    Glinda, we’re all delighted that you’re safe and sound. We certainly hope and pray that others in the area manage to stay safe, as well.

  3. Chaser Says:

    I’m so glad to read you are ok. I live in downtown Los Angeles, and I’m flabberghasted–I taught all day yesterday so I didn’t see much of the news; we don’t have any wind at all downtown–so when I walked out to see the smoke on the west side I was surprised.

    Take care and keep safe–these the worst fires I remember in SoCal.

  4. Never teh Bride Says:

    Glad you’re safe! I hope many others are just as lucky.

  5. Ana Says:

    OMGoodness! I didn’t realize Glinda was so close to all the tragedy! God be with you and your family!

  6. Glinda Says:

    Thanks to all!

  7. Lisa Says:

    Glinda, I’m glad you and your family are okay! It sounds like the situation is still dire for much of Southern California – yikes.

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