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The Recipe Thief?

Saturday, October 20th, 2007
By Glinda

Does this woman look like a recipe thief?

If you have watched any daytime television lately, you have seen Jessica Seinfeld, wife of Jerry, promoting her new cookbook.  It features recipes for children, but with a twist.  Faves such as grilled cheese or tacos look normal, but have healthy ingredients snuck into them to fool the kids into thinking they are eating the same old unhealthy versions they know and love.

Recent allegations have cropped up that Mrs. Seinfeld has plagiarized some of the recipes from a similar book written by someone not married to a famous comedian. In reading about the recipes that are alleged to have been plagiarized, they do indeed sound alike. But it seems to me that there are only so many foods that can be put into a particular dish and not be recognized, so it might just be coincidence that the recipes are similar. Then again, who knows?

But do they not know that stealing from one another is a time-honored tradition among moms?  Whether it be ways to soothe a fussy infant or the number of that great babysitter, moms always have an ear out for getting the 411 on the latest.   Why, some of the best tips I’ve ever gotten were from some women whom I was eavesdropping on at the park.   

And really, masking healthy food is not a new concept.  I mean, ever heard of a smoothie?  You can dump all kinds of stuff in there.  The idea for which, I need to give props to the lady with the big brown purse and unruly toddler!  Thanks nameless lady, for helping me introduce wheat germ into my son’s diet with him being none the wiser! 

Sometimes we have to be sneaky about getting the info, but we get it.  If we can put pureed spinach in brownies, we are pretty much capable of just about anything, don’t you think?

I just hope the lady with the big brown purse doesn’t come after me, looking for royalties.

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