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Friday Caption Contest: Mad Hatter edition

Friday, October 19th, 2007
By raincoaster

The first rule of Friday Caption Contest is: you don’t make cheap Fight Club references on a mommyblog.

You know how it works, people. Work it! Captions in the comments, winner announced on Monday after I recover from the Surrey International Writer’s Conference (ie not early).

Susan’s daughter’s hat

This image comes to us from regular reader Susan, who explains that her daughter can make a hat out of virtually anything. Please, someone set this girl up with an apprenticeship with Philip Treacy; there’s money in them thar fripperies! Besides, I need someone to whip up something flattering to tuck the snakes into; the darn things won’t stay in a ponytail!

Neater Than a Pin

Friday, October 19th, 2007
By Glinda

A is for Apple!

This is the bedroom of Apple Martin, the daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin of Coldplay.

I am sure that the linens alone probably cost more than my entire living room set, but why does this room not speak to me?

The bed just seems so imposing for such a little girl, although it could be just the perspective of the photo.  But no, those four posters pretty much reach all the way up to the ceiling.  Somehow it reminds me of a bed that the Dowager Duchess of Cornwall should be climbing into at night, demanding querulously that her servant place a warming brick at her feet, rather than that of a three year old.

Perhaps all the toys, books, photos, and cute little themed rugs were pushed to the other side of the room for the sake of the photographer.   And I don’t know exactly why that nightstand bugs me, but it does.  Maybe because it bears more than a passing resemblance to a spittoon, it does nothing to endear itself to me.  I know for a fact, though, that nobody keeps a vase of fresh flowers right next to a child’s bed.  Nobody, not even Gwyneth Paltrow.  Especially not with white carpet.  You’re just asking for trouble.

The only things I like about the room, as far as I can see it from the picture, anyway, are the two little stuffed animals and the pink stool.

Because even though the young Miss Martin could probably buy me many times over, no little girl’s bedroom is complete without some stuffed animals. 

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